Latent Semantic Indexing and Your Attorney SEO Marketing Plan

Latent semantic indexing sounds like an abstract concept that only SEO Super Nerds can grasp. But in reality, it's a simple concept that anyone, yes, even you, can and should understand.

Latent semantic indexing, also known as LSI, is one of the many missions of those clever Google spiders. The LSI mission involves sending the spiders out to check your content for synonyms related to the title of your page.

So if your page title is "Boston Accident Attorney Offers a Unique Perspective on Auto Accidents" LSI is looking for words like: crash, lawyer, legal representative, car, and vehicle.

LSI was created to stop people from scamming the system with keyword stuffing. LSI is checking to make sure that while your content matches your title, it's not just a list of keywords and their synonyms. To ensure that you are playing by the rules and pleasing the search engine spiders, make sure that:

  • The content on the page relates to the title.
  • You don't use too many keywords in your content.
  • All of your content is high quality and mistake free.
  • You use Google Webmaster Tools to make sure that the keywords you use are ranking well.

To learn more about latent semantic indexing, or any attorney SEO hits and tips, call 888.886.0939. We would love to show you how to explode the success of your web marketing campaign using only white hat, ethical attorney SEO practices.  

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