Webinar: How to Embrace PR and Court the Media

In our October 2015 webinar, we teach you how to develop killer public relations instincts and properly pursue the media, so you can finally get that big news break your business needs to break through!

Having a public relations (PR) strategy can connect you to your community, ensure your intake process is flowing smoothly, and save your reputation from a potential PR crisis. Above all, it can get your name in the news!

Being mentioned in a news article or even interviewed for a broadcast can skyrocket your credibility. Watch the recording and check out the slides, learn how to lay the foundation for a great public image and tips to get your business featured in the media!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Rules of etiquette in pursuing the media (including how to amass and handle contacts).
  • How to use breaking news to make breakthroughs with your business.
  • How to impress the press with an effective press release (learn how to write, publish, and push!)
  • The importance of being consistent with content!

The media is always scouting for news stories and resources and YOU could be one of them (if you’re truly an expert in your field, you should be)! Step up your PR game today with our helpful tips and become the business the media loves.

Check out the recording and follow along with the slides here