The Details and Benefits of Having a Back-end Campaign

In this video, Tom, Gretchen, and Danielle from attorney online marketing firm Foster Web marketing cover details and benefits of having a back-end campaign.

A back-end campaign is what happens after someone contacts you. When contacted by a non-ideal customer or case, some firms simply put the person’s contact info away and forget about them. However, what these firms do not recognize is that these leads can still have value. As a result, Tom suggests that all your leads should be entered into your database so that you can market to them.

The reason to market to them is that doing so can generate more leads and clientele. For example, they may know people who may refer a friend or family member.

The three go on to discuss a lawyer that got his biggest case by following up with leads. He would send out a newsletter to all of his leads, even those who did not become clients. One of the recipients of the newsletter had a friend that needed representation and referred the friend to the lawyer.  This type of event happens often when deploying an active back-end campaign.

Continually following up with every lead can be a lot of work—and it is. Foster Web Marketing specializes in developing back-end campaign tools and has even integrated the ability to run a customizable campaign on its DSS system. Take advantage of Foster Web Marketing’s back-end campaign tools by calling 888.886.0939.


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