The Importance of Generating Reviews Naturally

What do Avvo, Yahoo, Yelp, and Google+ Local have in common? They are all online sites that consumers use to review their experiences with companies. While it is a good idea to acquire online reviews on each of these sites and other review sites, it is important that these reviews come naturally.

Natural online reviews are powerful ranking factors and vital to growing an attorney practice. However, unnatural reviews can cause your site to take a serious hit. For this reason, it is important that you understand how to get reviews naturally.

When acquiring online reviews from clients, don’t point all of your clients to one specific site. It is in your best interest that reviews are spread out over different online review sites and come in over time. Additionally, don’t have clients write reviews from a computer in your office. To avoid being penalized, don’t write fake reviews or transfer written comments onto review sites.

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