December Webinar: How to Set Attainable Goals

We all talk about the things we’re going to do “in the new year” but how often do we really follow through? When it really comes time to start making things happen, our goals can suddenly seem daunting or something that we’ll “get around to eventually.”

Rem Jackson can help! Rem is our good friend and business partner at Top Practices, and he is an ace when it comes to goal setting, but even more importantly, he’s an ace when it comes to goal ACCOMPLISHING.

Check out the webinar recording for a step-by-step guide to actually accomplishing what you want. Sincerely, Rem’s advice—when applied in a real world setting—will help you clearly map out the path to making things happen.

Rem's goal setting workshop will teach you how to:

  • Get organized through a deceptively simple exercise
  • Prioritize your list of to-dos so you can start getting things done
  • How to set S.M.A.R.T. goals in order to get to the finish line on time
  • How to set long-term goals and actually follow through!

You can follow along with the slides here, and don’t forget to check out Rem’s Goal Setting Worksheets, as promised. In fact, don’t just check them out, fill them out, reference them, and use the worksheets to stay motivated!


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