What Are Blog Tags and How Should I Use Them?

If you are just joining the blogging world, you most likely have many questions about blog tags: What are they? Do I need to use them? How should they be used?

Blog tags are essentially keywords used to categorize the topic of your blog post. These important pieces of the giant SEO puzzle help Google rank your page for that particular term. Search engines use blog tags to determine what the content is about and where a blog post should fit on the Internet. By using them, you improve your chances of search engines finding your blog and ranking it appropriately. Without a tag, your post is not recognized—causing you to miss out on traffic. In order to generate traffic to your site and help readers determine the topic of your blog, you need to use relevant blog tags.

At Foster Web Marketing, our DSS system allows you to easily add tags to your blog—helping to improve search engine optimization.

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