What Are Domain Extensions?

Domain extension are the characters that come after the "dot" in a web address. Common examples of domain extensions include .com, .gov, and .edu.

As an attorney, it is important to understand domain extensions because soon, the domain extension market will be flooded with new domain extensions you can use to better identify your website. For example, you should be able to purchase and use dynamic, descriptive domain extensions such as .lawyer, .attorney, or .law.

Many in the web marketing world—our team included—are cautiously optimistic about the possibility that comes with new domain extensions. If the general public accepts them, unique domain extensions could be an excellent way to:

•    Advance your brand image
•    Foster trust in potential clients
•    And boost your internet presence

As a bonus, it is possible that the domain name you choose could be purchased for a nominal amount of money. This would allow you to get in on the new domain extension game without a big investment.

To learn more about domain extensions and your law firm, call 888-886-0939. We can help you make an informed decision about purchasing a domain name that will help you stand out from your competition. http://www.fosterwebmarketing.com/practice_areas/seo-attorneys-doctors-small-businesses.cfm

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