Why Isn't Your Lawyer Website Working?

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You guys are trying to generate a lot of money in case and clients and you're trying to fund that by paying a dollar, or getting it free. Remember, free is never free. So you go get yourself a little WordPress blog from some theme that you got for free. You don't know where you got that theme from, you don't know what kind of hack might be injected in that theme. You don't know what's going on with all the little modules, free modules that you get.

Do you go out to the internet and go to every free download page and download a bunch of free crap to put on your machine. No - what happens when you do that? Virus. So you think, "hey look at me, I've got a website for cheap!" Then one day, you don't have a website anymore.

So if you go fishing, and you're catching toadfish and not catching the flounder that you want, you don't want them, they're not the perfect client. Bad fish, you throw them back. But you keep putting that same bait out...saying "I don't know what the problem is, must be something wrong with my boat." The answer is, change the bait!

Content, video, social media, that's all you're going to hear. That's the fuel of your internet marketing.

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