Why You Need to Have a Free Book or Report

With every attorney appearing to have a book or report, you may be wondering why you should also have one. Watch this video to learn why you too should have a book or report.

In this video, an expert panel from lawyer website design firm Foster Web Marketing explains that just because other attorneys use something does not automatically mean that you shouldn’t. For example, many attorneys use marketing language like “free consultation” or “no fee unless we win.”

However, not every attorney has a free offer. This is an important distinction and can be used to obtain new leads. Having this free offer alone does not mean that it is going to work. The offer must be targeted, focused, and of high quality.

One of the first parts of the book or report—and one of the most important things that a potential client will see—is the book cover. The visitors that are on your site will gravitate toward a well-designed cover and it is important to also have a good title. Ultimately, a well-designed book or report can go a long way in obtaining the leads that you want.

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