If you are at all interested in increasing your web presence and getting more clients (and what attorney isn’t) then you have probably come across the name Findlaw. Findlaw is, to put it briefly, a catch-all web page that is the legal equivalent of a page like Web MD. They give the average citizen brief explanations on legal matters that they might not understand, and they offer a directory service which helps people find lawyers in their area.

Don't Be Fooled...

Is this directory service based on the sort of lawyer that someone would need? Experience? The size of the firm? Well, yes, partly. But what really counts is money. If you pay Findlaw a certain amount of money, then you too can be lumped in with the hundreds of other lawyers that are in your city, region or state. Despite how they swing it, you are essentially buying a spot in an internet version of the yellow pages.

Most attorneys don’t know that they can achieve better web results for less money, and why would they? Attorneys didn’t go to law school so they could spend their working hours messing around with links and keywords and subscribing to Wired. So when a salesman tells an attorney that he can take care of all of that for him and all he has to do is sign a check, it seems like a no-brainer.

At Foster Web Marketing, we have plenty of former Findlaw clients who, after months of writing checks for negligible results, did a little research and realized that they were paying top dollar for very little. Once we explain that we can achieve better results that involve individual site promotion instead of lumping in your site with thousands of other attorneys, there is usually a mix of relief and incredulity. Relief that they can get better results for their sites and incredulity that they were paying as much as they were.

Now Findlaw is getting into what they call the “Search Engine Marketing” business. Folks all over the legal landscape have been getting e-mails from them in which they are invited to buy:

“…up to 3 hard coded links, {which} will be placed on editorially relevant pages of content. Links will be placed at the recommendation of our SEO specialists, who have been assisting law firms with these programs.”  

What exactly do they mean by this? Do they mean proper use of keywords in the title bar and meta tags? Do they mean constant updates of news, content and blogs? Do they mean exchanging links with other sites for free?

No. They mean “buy hard links that we will buy on other sites for a cheaper price, or maybe we’ll put them on one of our Findlaw sites,” which will average you about $12,000 a year.

Buying hard links for a monthly fee is not exactly new thinking. In terms of SEO strategy for attorneys, this is maybe the hottest news of 1998. In fact, a very successful business has already figured this strategy out. It’s called “Google AdWords.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Aside from the “calling a wheel by another name and taking credit for it” aspect of all this, there is also the idea that they will be more than happy to publish five articles a month on “important sites,” but you will have to provide them.

Foster Web Marketing Provides True Value To Clients

With Foster Web Marketing’s CMP program, we write those articles for you. We provide content that is relevant to your practice, accessible to potential clients who need the services of an attorney, and geared to get your site noticed on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Selling hard links has nothing to do with it. Our practice is based on constant maintenance of the sites of our clients. We don’t get a check, set you up and forget about you. We even offer our DSS service, so our clients can update their own content and news with ease. No HTML or web design training is necessary.

If you want to build your firm’s web presence with consistent practices and consistent results, contact Foster Web Marketing today.

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