This week in our Library section, we discussed three great ideas for lawyer digital books: reviewing frequently asked questions, listing common legal mistakes, and outlining the legal process that your reader is about to begin. However, while these ideas will help you connect with clients and educate your readers, they are rather popular topics when it comes to attorney ebooks.


How can you come up with truly original ideas when brainstorming attorney digital book ideas? Here are some tips:


  • Think about why you are unique. What makes you different from other law firms in the area? What can you write about that no one else can? Putting the answers to these questions into words could be a great ebook. Sample title: “5 Reasons Injury Victims Choose Us Over The Competition.”
  • Look at competing websites. Check out what kinds of free offers and ebooks your competition is writing. Instead of writing similar books, cross all of their ideas off your list. The real trick is to offer your potential clients information that they aren’t seeing anywhere else.
  • Talk to your current clients – and listen. Absolutely no one knows better than your current clients when it comes to getting new clients. Ask them why they chose your law firm and what information they really needed when they realized they were faced with a legal issue.


Coming up with great ideas for attorney books isn’t easy. If you need assistance when it comes to book writing for lawyers, we can help you – from brainstorming a truly unique idea to making an eye-catching cover. Call Foster Web Marketing today to learn more and to get started.

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