Brand Yourself a Winner with a Successful Social Media Campaign

You and your law firm have a brand. Your name and the name of your law firm bring to mind certain images and feelings when people think of them. Your brand—whether you admit to having one or not—gives people the following:

  • Images. Images that people associate with your name include your logo, your face, and possibly a catch phrase. People are shown these images on your social media accounts, website, videos, billboards, and television commercials, and they come to represent you. What images come to mind when people hear your name?
  • Feelings. When people who have seen your marketing materials and online accounts think of you, how do they feel? Do they feel that you are caring, ready to help, and competent? Or do they feel you are greedy, pushy, and uneducated? Your marketing campaign should address more than SEO and conversion rates, it should ensure that you are seen in the best light possible and that, when prospective clients see your name, they feel that you would be the best attorney to have on their side.

The Role of Social Media and Your Brand

Social media plays a huge role in how people view you. When done well, your law firm’s social media accounts can go a long way toward improving the reputation of your firm. But, when done poorly, social media activity can have a disastrous effect on your image.

How you project your brand using social media is the key to success in this arena. Prospective clients use social media to get an idea of the personality of a business. If your firm appears well rounded and posts timely articles, shares images of your staff, and discusses your dedication to helping others, you have gone a long way toward improving your brand.

To get the most out of branding a law firm with social media efforts, balance personality with professionalism. If you are having a hard time mastering the social media balancing act, call 888.886.0939. Our attorney-centric staff can help you manage your accounts or take over the work for you and post on your behalf. Your brand is in your hands. What will you make of it?

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