For Dominance Over Your Competitors, Ready Yourself Now for the Next Breaking News Battle

We often speak of the long, difficult road to attorney SEO prowess. And we still believe that your day-to-day strategy to win the battle against your competitors should be based on excellent writing, quality video, and a solid social media marketing plan.

But there may come a time when you need to step up your game and create and deliver videos, blogs, and social media posts in a matter of days because of a breaking news event. Your response to an event that relates to one of your practice areas can help position you as an expert and give your law firm’s SEO campaign a serious boost. But, before you attempt to take on a larger-than-life news event, make sure that you're prepared for battle—you won't be the only lawyer out there fighting for dominance.

What's at Stake

The prize to be won in this breaking news battle is worth fighting for. Using our breaking news breaking news package, some of our clients have not only increased site traffic and furthered their brand, they have:

  • Been interviewed on national and local news programs.
  • Been featured as experts in news stories.
  • Gotten huge cases based on traffic driven in by the breaking news campaign.

These interviews, news articles, and cases are effective when the news is hot, and their effects can be felt for years after the story goes cold.

Arming Yourself

The spoils of war are great, but before going to battle, you'll need to ensure that you're ready to fight. You'll need to arm yourself with:

  • Video: A well-made, professional-grade video is your Sting. Video is easily picked up by news outlets. It shows, firsthand, that you understand the importance of the event and can answer the questions on people's minds.    
  • Blogs: Spaced out over a week, blog posts about the breaking news event help keep your name in the forefront. Blogs should not just rehash the news-worthy item—they should help those interested in the story better understand it from a legal perspective.
  • Press Release: A press release is an excellent way to get your name out there during a breaking news story.
  • Social Media Campaign: As part of a breaking news campaign, a social media campaign is a must. Here, you will be able to share images from the story, share links to your videos, and keep your audience engaged.
  • Landing Page: A landing page created especially for your breaking news campaign will allow you to speak directly to those who visit your page looking for more information.
  • Informative Articles: To be posted on your site, an informative article gives the details of the event. If you wish, this article can also give your take on the what's going on or, if it's a tragedy, give your condolences.

Facing the Competition

You won't be the only attorney fighting for attention when big news breaks. Many attorneys have realized the power of breaking news and will be putting out campaigns of their own. To combat this, your plan has to be better than theirs.

It has to answer the questions being asked by those interested in or affected by the event, and it has to answer them better. Your videos have to be of the best quality. Your blogs should be engaging, and your perspective should be fresh. You need to stand out from the rest. You want to be the warrior on the hill, sword thrust into the ground, eyes on the horizon—the one who worked harder, smarter, and faster and came out on top.  

We Have the Tools You Need to Come Out on Top  

We offer attorneys all they need to go into battle when news breaks. Choose our Breaking News Blast package, and within 48 hours of your request, we will deliver and distribute:

  • One Informative News Article
  • One FAQ
  • One opinionated blog post
  • One Press Release distributed through PR Web's Advanced Press Release system
  • One Breaking News Video (starring one of our professional spokesmodels, or a voiceover video using your own voice)
  • One Event-Specific Landing Page
  • A Social Media Blast

This quick turnaround will allow you to get a jump on your competitors. While they are putting up a few posts on Facebook and blogging about the event a time or two, you will be amassing your army and readying yourself with the most powerful SEO and conversion tools available.

To learn more about this potent marketing strategy, call 888.886.0939. We can help your law firm be at the ready before your competitor even thinks about reacting. 

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