Everyone wants more leads. New leads are what keep your law firm or podiatry practice successful and growing! It’s why you invest in marketing your business, and it’s the ultimate end result you want to see from your efforts. 

Of course, getting a consistent flow of high-quality leads is a lot easier said than done. All too often, lead-generation efforts produce seemingly random results or fail to bring in high-quality leads that are actually a great fit for your business. 

So, if you’re tired of waiting around for the phone to ring, or if you’re sick of sorting through low-quality leads that don’t help your business, keep reading below. We’ll share seven foundational components that go into building a real marketing system that constantly delivers high-quality leads to your door.      

1. Optimize Your Website to Attract and Convert the Leads You Want

An optimized website that resonates with your perfect clients or patients is the keystone of a sustainable lead-generation machine. It functions as the hub of all your digital marketing efforts, and it’s also a funnel that converts new visitors into great clients or patients for your business.  

Your website needs to do a lot of heavy lifting for you, and it’s the first area you need to concentrate on when you want to maximize your lead generation. So, take a look at your current website and make sure it’s hitting all the following notes: 

Look and feel. 

The look and feel of your website should immediately resonate with your “perfect clients” and help to tell the story of your business. From your logo and images to your color choices and tagline, every element should reinforce your brand and work toward making a connection with great leads. 


Your website should load quickly and work well on a wide range of devices. Navigation should make sense, and elements like contact forms, buttons, links, and videos should work perfectly. Your website should also be connected to your content management system (CMS) and lead-tracking software so that it’s easy for you and your team to maintain and maximize its usefulness.  

Search engine optimization (SEO). 

If you want to attract potential leads from online searches, you need to make sure that every page of your website is optimized to that end. You’ll need to meet or exceed Google’s standards for safety, security, and speed, and you’ll need to work on your on-page SEO to get the best visibility in search. 

Conversion-oriented funnels. 

Your website should help visitors self-funnel toward calls to action that fit their needs. Whether they land on your homepage or a blog page, they should be able to follow a trail of relevant content and information that ends in a meaningful conversion.  

We know this is a big one right out of the gate, but getting your website in shape makes a huge difference for everything else we’ll talk about below. If you’re not sure if your website is doing everything it should be doing, you can always get answers by booking a free marketing analysis with our team. 

2. Create Website Content That Speaks to Your Perfect-Fit Leads  

High-quality, informative website content is what attracts and engages potential clients or patients. It gets them into your ecosystem and shows them that you are the person with the expertise and authority to help them solve their problems. Yes, your website content should include optimization that helps you rank highly for relevant keywords. But, more importantly, it should build connections with visitors and offer a preview of what it’s like to work with you. 

So, use your website content to address common questions and concerns. Offer valuable tips and information. Showcase your brand personality and your standards for excellent customer care. Lean into the things that elevate your website content and truly make it valuable to the kinds of leads you want. 

If you can get great content going on a great website, you’ll be well on your way toward creating a powerful system that continually drives the right kinds of leads to your business. 

3. Reviews Build Trust and Reinforce Your Claims of Excellence

Once you have a great website full of great content, the next step is to start providing proof that your business is a great fit for a certain kind of client or patient. And one of the easiest ways to accomplish that is with a great review profile. 

Positive reviews from satisfied clients or patients can significantly impact the number of high-quality leads you generate. It’s one of the first things people look at when they’re looking for a lawyer or podiatrist, and they’re the thing that will convince people to reach out to you instead of your competitors. Reviews also help people understand the specific kinds of problems you help solve, which means that they can help you get more of the kinds of leads that are a good fit for you.  

So, take a look at these right and wrong ways to ask for reviews, and make asking for reviews a routine part of your interactions with happy clients and patients. 

4. Email Marketing Is a Direct Line to the Clients or Patients You Want

Email marketing can be a powerful tool for driving consistent leads. By building an email list and sending regular, valuable content to your subscribers, you can nurture relationships and convert interested prospects. 

If someone has already given you their email address, it means that they’re already at least a little interested in the services you offer and receptive to what you have to say. Personalized email campaigns help you home in on that interest and nurture the relationship. Email is also an opportunity to keep offering valuable information that helps them with their problems and encourages them to convert. 

People often need five or more touchpoints with your business before they convert into a client or patient, and email is a great way to keep the conversation going with leads that aren’t quite ready to reach out. 

5. Paid Ads Drive More Leads to Targeted Goals 

Getting high-quality leads is really about homing in on the specific demographics you’d like to drive to specific services. So, think about paid advertising (such as pay-per-click campaigns) like a surgical tool for increasing leads toward a very defined goal. 

For example, paid ads are great for driving leads toward a pinpoint target—like people affected by a specific event or accident. They’re also the perfect tool when you want to increase interest in a new service or offering, such as laser therapy or a free foot exam. 

When used wisely to capture narrow goals, paid ads are an incredible tool in your lead-generation system. You just want to be careful to always stick to well-defined specifics and balance your ads with a strong organic strategy so that your spend doesn’t spin out of control and exceed the value of the leads you bring in.

6. Social Media Connects You With Leads in a Friendly Setting

Social media platforms let you connect with potential leads even in their downtime, when they aren’t necessarily thinking about hiring a lawyer or podiatrist. Because it’s a more casual environment, you can focus more on sharing relatable content, building relationships, and reinforcing your brand identity. 

You may not get a ton of leads directly from your social media involvement, but what you do get is a chance to provide a few more touchpoints and a better sense of who you are. People like to work with people they like and that share in the things they care about. 

As part of your lead-generation system, social media is the friendly place where you can promote interesting content, share community activities, support your ongoing campaigns, and offer a peek into the people and areas of interest that make your practice awesome.  

7. Books and Offers Magnetize New Clients or Patients to Your Practice

People tend to spend some time in a “research phase” before they actually call your office. They get online to learn more about their issues, what to expect, and what to do next. That’s why offering a free book, guide, or other valuable offer in exchange for a prospect's contact information can be such a powerful lead-generation strategy. 

Your lead gets a helpful resource that meets them right where they are in their “client journey.” And you get contact information for people that have already shown a strong interest in what you offer. 

Interested? Find out more about using free books and offer to market your business and get more leads. 

Get a Real Marketing System That Consistently Drives the Leads You Want

If you’re not already a master marketer, it can be tough to get a real system going on your own and know that all the parts are working together as a cohesive whole. That’s why it’s important to establish that system with the help of experts that can identify issues, deploy solutions, and keep you focused on the big picture. 

Curious about what a fully customized marketing system might look like for your practice? Join us for a complimentary marketing analysis to talk about how you can a build a lead-generating system that will work for your practice for years to come.   


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