When you were in college and law school, you were likely praised for using technical terms, writing out complex ideas, and wowing your professors with your knowledge and intelligence. However, though showcasing your knowledge is important on your attorney website, using big words and writing in legalese only alienates and confuses readers.


Don’t show off, teach.

One of the most common lawyer marketing mistakes that we see at Foster Web Marketing is attorneys who believe that showing off will get them more clients. The more huge blocks of text that appear on their website and the more $10 words that they use, the more people will think that they are smart and capable in the courtroom. But this simply isn’t the case. Before they search for an attorney, web visitors are often searching for answers. And if your answers aren’t clear, straightforward, and easy to understand, they will go elsewhere. Your web content isn’t about making yourself look good, it’s about educating your reader and listening to their needs.


Put yourself in your readers’ shoes: shoot for clarity.
What if you visited the website of a mechanic and it was filled with technical terms and the finer points of fixing carburetors? Would that information help you? Would you even read it? Or would you rather go to a mechanic’s website that simply explained what you should do if you are having a general issue with your car, along with why they are qualified to fix it. Sure – we all want a knowledgeable mechanic. But we also want a mechanic who can speak our language and explain problems to us without requiring us to roll under our vehicle with them.


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