The power of online attorney videos goes to waste if you don’t spend time and effort on developing useful script ideas that offer your website visitors practical, pertinent information. A really great online lawyer video accomplishes the following:

  • Educates and enlightens the viewer
  • Saves an attorney time by answering common questions
  • Establishes the attorney as an authority in his or her field
  • Introduces the viewer to you and your law office

One great way to achieve all four of these goals is to use lawyer videos to debunk common myths – misconceptions that potential clients often have about the law, lawyers, or legal services. Using video to debunk myths not only gives vital information to your attorney website visitors, it also establishes you as someone who has vital information to give in the first place. At the same time, debunking myths about legal services can erase common doubts in your potential clients’ minds.

Using attorney video to your advantage
More and more often, web surfers are using search engines solely to find videos, and more and more web users prefer video results to text. Many law offices – including lots of your competition – haven’t taken advantage of using video to market their business. This is your time to get ahead and reach an audience that you might not be accessing with your current online marketing plan.

Want to get started? We can help you with all of the components of making an attorney video, from helping you write scripts to offering a green screen studio. No matter how much or how little assistance you need when it comes to lawyer video marketing, we’re here to provide it. Give us a call today to get the ball rolling.
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