How About Some Free Advice From the Sample Pushers at Costco?

You can't tell me that you don't pick up and eat samples at Costco, even if they're not something you would usually eat. You pick it up and eat it because it's free. You know very well that Costco wants you to take a bite of their smoked sausage, walk around the corner, and buy a 40-pound package. You know you aren't going to buy the sausage, but you take the free bite anyway.

Costco is banking on the fact that, even if you don't buy the sausage, the next guy will. If they give enough away for free, they are going to recoup any costs associated with giving away a free product—and then some.

Your Free Offer Should be a Tempting Treat

Woman Giving Free SausageIf the sausage at Costco tasted like cardboard and kitty litter, nobody would buy it after tasting it. If your book looks boring and is poorly written, nobody will hire you. To help your book or report appeal to the masses, make sure:

  • The cover pops.
  • The topic is of interest to your ideal client.
  • It's impeccably written.
  • It offers insights not found on your website.
  • It furthers your brand and your image.

There is no use in churning out low-quality offers just to have them. So make them good or skip them; there is no middle ground. If your offer is tempting enough, and you get just one case from the 100 people who download or order your book or guide, the costs associated with writing, promoting, and printing your free offer will be more than recovered—if the offer is good.

Beyond Sausage and Books

Costco doesn't just offer free sausage, they give away everything from popcorn to pastries. Take a cue from this strategy and consider offering more than a book. Some free offers that have done very well for our clients include:

  • Coloring books
  • Bumper stickers
  • Accident-preparedness kits

By offering a variety of free items, you can reach a larger audience and provide a free "sample" that appeals to more potential clients.

Not sure your book or offer is up to snuff? Or are you unsure where to begin with creating a free offer for your attorney website? Call 888-430-8377. We can help you every step of the way. Our professional writers and graphic designers can assist you in brainstorming ideas for your offer, write your book for you, or design a bumper sticker. The choice is yours.

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