All the fun and sun of summer is great. But, for some of us, spending a day at the beach can be a small-but-painful reminder of how much we’ve slipped since our New Year’s resolutions to take better care of ourselves.

Whether it’s a confidence-building haircut for the hot weather or a renewed dedication to hitting the gym, summer is the time of year when a lot of people take just a little extra care in their appearance to others. 

As it turns out, your digital strategy can benefit from the same seasonal trends. Since the continuing goal of your digital marketing is to attract others, it is likely that your website’s content pages could use a little extra care and grooming, too.

How to Make Your Digital Content More Attractive

How to make your attorney website content great | Content Writing Services For Lawyers And podiatristsEvery page that your clients can land on should look great, and that includes pages that are primarily meant to be read. Even in text, looks do matter.

The good news is that there are several ways to make your content easier on the eyes and easier for visitors to read straight through to the end:

Avoid large blocks of text.

What happens when you see a large, unforgiving block of text? Chances are that you lose focus or start skimming quickly over the page. Many web visitors will see a large block of uninterrupted text and click away within seconds, so make sure you break it up with headlines, subheadings, bullet points, and paragraph breaks.

Use an appropriate font size.

Perhaps the only thing worse than huge blocks of text are huge blocks of tiny text. Be good to your readers by giving them a reasonably big font to read. You also want to make sure that the size and formatting is comfortable to read on the mobile version of your site.

Make whitespace your friend.

Make sure that there is a good amount of white space between your lines of text, around your text, and between your paragraphs. White space gives readers’ eyes a break and makes articles considerably easier to read.

Add interest with images and video.

Even when your writing is the main feature of a page, adding videos and images can help clarify ideas and add visual interest. While you don’t want to jam in so much that it gets confusing, you should add a visual touch or two that helps bring your writing to life.

How to Complete the Look for a Better Reader Experience

Looks aren’t everything, though. Truly attractive people pair style with substance, and the same is true of attractive online content. While we’ve talked before about what to write about and how to engage readers, here are some bonus tips for making your content more readable and interesting to your perfect clients:

Keep readers on track with clear ideas.

Generally speaking, each paragraph should focus on a main idea that flows harmoniously into the next idea. Explaining and summarizing the main idea in a simple, clear sentence can help keep readers on track and engaged. If your content has a tendency to ramble through lots of ideas without clear guideposts or goals, you risk losing your readers along the way.

Don’t use confusing technical language.

Although their eyes are still moving over the page, readers tend to “check out” for a moment or two after reading a word they don’t know or don’t understand. Avoid speaking in jargon and technical terms, and think about how much your clients appreciate clear, easy-to-understand language when they visit your office.

Put headlines and subheadings to work.

Headlines and subheadings help break up intimidating walls of text, but they can also guide readers to exactly the information that they are looking for on the page. Use headers that are descriptive of the content they introduce and that help readers find the most important information. Keep in mind that headlines and subheadings are also used by Google spiders to determine what your article is really about, so make them count.

Need Help? Our Digital Content Stylists and Trainers Can Make You Look Great

All the above suggestions are the kinds of guidelines that we use to start improving the overall look and feel on content pages, but your eyes and mind are really the best tests of your website’s content. If you find it hard to get through a page, or if you find your mind drifting off after a few sentences, think about what you can change to make it better. Small changes in format or phrasing in an article, blog, or FAQ can bring it all together and make a big difference in the reader’s experience. 

Don’t have time to think about the content to support your attorney website design or want to leave it to the experts? At Foster Web Marketing, we have experienced writers who specialize in law firm content writing that follows all of the above rules.

Are You A Lawyer Or podiatrist Who Wants To Learn How Solid Content Can Earn You More Clients?

If you are seeking a trusted, authoriative partner to help you write content that not only attracts but actually converts into clients, Foster Web Marketing is here to help. Contact us online or call our office directly at 866.497.6199 to schedule your free consultation. We have been helping clients throughout the United States and internationally since 1998 are confident we can help you not only reach, but exceed your goals.  

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