How to Track Un-Trackable URLs

Most web marketers can't code worth a darn, but they don't have to most of the time. Great content management systemsand email marketing software make it easy to perform tasks that were once very complicated. Tools like Google Analytics make it simple to track activity on your websites with just one little snippet of code. But what if you want to track a web asset that you don't have complete control over?

For example, we often create meetings and webinars in GoToMeeting. We are provided with a registration page that we have very little control over. Since we can't install the Google Analytics tracking code, it is very difficult to track how many people come to the page and how many actually register.


Luckily, there is a fairly simple solution. The first thing you need to track a URL like this is buy an easy-to-remember domain name from GoDaddy. For our July 2011 webinar, we bought the domain name

Next, rather than doing a 301 re-direct to the GoToMeeting URL, we shortened the URL with Take the URL and head over to Click "Domains" then "Domain Management." Choose your domain then look for the setting called "Forwarding."

Now when some goes to, they are sent first to the link and then to the final destination. You will be able to check link statistics in, and they give you a free QR code for each link you shorten. This is great way to track traffic from direct mail. There are many ways to use URLs, so get creative!

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