Don't Bother Writing a Boring Book. Step Up Your Game or Leave the Writing to the Professionals!

A boring book is a waste of time. And it’s not just a waste of your time, but the time of your potential clients. People can search the internet and read page after page of yawn-worthy content about their legal rights, so why would they spend the time to request and then read a boring book? They wouldn't. So, if you are considering writing a book for your attorney website, it better be good.

Boring Is More Than Skin Deep

Start by looking at your title. Is it attention grabbing? Does it promise insider secrets, new information, or invaluable tips? If not, you've already failed. If the title doesn't pique readers’ interest, there is no way they will read on.

But let's say you've got a killer title. Great! Now, take a look at your content. There are some things that your book should absolutely not contain:

  • Information that is nearly identical to that found on your website
  • Legalese
  • Complicated explanations of legal terms or situations
  • Long chapters or no chapters at all
  • Lack of interesting graphics (pictures, graphs, and charts)
  • A hard sale

Write a Good Book and Become an Instant Authority

One of the benefits of writing a book is that, when it's published, you are seen as an authority on a subject. If the book is buzz worthy, it can get you attention from local press. A boring book, on the other hand, will never catch the attention of Channel 5 News at Nine.

And, more than that, it will do nothing to get more clients or grow your practice. You have to set yourself apart from your competition, and writing an interesting book is a good start.

Whether you've already written the first draft or haven't even begun, our book writing specialists can help. With a wide and flexible range of attorney book writing services, we can custom fit a plan that gets the results you want. Call 888.341.5130 to get started.

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