S-E-DOH Experienced Digital Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists Throughout The USA and Worldwide.In this, the first article in our S-E-D’oh! series, we are going to look at a real-life example of confusing, misleading—even inflammatory—content written by a “professional” writer. Each of the pieces in this series will point out head-slapping mistakes that we’ve caught while performing hundreds of free website analyses.


We not only offer website analyses for business owners, we often do quality checks on our client’s sites. This allows our team to diagnose any SEO problems on the site and fix mistakes we run across. It was during one such check that we found this gem:

Experienced Digital Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists Throughout The USA and Worldwide.

It’s More Than Okay to Be Gay

While this attorney is happy to help all accident victims—no matter their sexual preference—he isn’t a homosexual lawyer whose niche is defending the legal rights of members of the LGBT community. If he were, then it would be perfectly acceptable, advisable even, for his content to include a phrase including the word “gay.” A good example would be, “There is nobody who understands the struggle for workplace equality in Georgia like gay attorney Jeff Wiggles.” This phrase would speak directly to this fictional attorney’s target market: the gay, working class of Georgia.

But we aren’t talking about a civil rights attorney in Georgia. We are talking about a straight, married, personal injury attorney who happens to live near a town named Gay—a personal injury attorney whose writer was more focused on keyword stuffing than quality content. And as egregious as the “Gay” mistake is, it’s not the only issue in these few short paragraphs.

It’s Not Just the Name

Forget the implications of using of the town of Gay in this way; the writing in this example is awful. Stuffed with unnatural keywords, the copy is confusing and fails to do what all content should: answer the questions that have been keeping the reader up at night.

The only purpose of these paragraphs was to jam as many vanity keywords into the piece as possible. They were written to game the system, to trick the search engines into ranking this page by including geo-specific keyword locations. But guess what? Search engines don’t fall for this trick anymore. What Google is looking for is quality content. Period. They want happy searchers, searchers who find exactly what they want when they click on a link.

Let’s take a closer look at this example and make it search engine, and potential client, friendly.

Instead of:

“DG also decided they needed a Gay Personal Injury Lawyer to help them against the insurance company. DG hired Gay Personal Injury Lawyer to represent them.”

Let’s try:

“We’ve all had some close calls in parking lots: there was the guy who just missed backing into you and your child and the teenager who blew past your shopping cart at 45 MPH. So when a man from LaGrange called our office to say that he had been hit by a car at the Cotton Pickin’ Fair in Gay, Georgia, our attorneys were saddened and concerned, but certainly not surprised.”

What we’ve done is use a very specific example of a popular destination in the desired city. We didn’t need to write “Gay personal injury lawyer” nine times to get the point across that our attorneys represent accident victims in Gay, Georgia. All we had to do was carefully weave the city name into a compelling story. This type of content appeals to both Google and injury victims; no tricks needed.

And before you start assuming things, no, we did not write this content. Many of our clients decide to strike out on their own and hire their own writer. And we don’t mind! Many times these writers do a fantastic job for our clients. But too often, the writing is outsourced to other countries or the writer hired simply doesn’t have the skill set needed to write high-quality content.

Your Takeaway

Whether you write your own content or you have someone write it for you, know that it’s your good name on the line each time you publish a piece. A single serious mistake such as this one or a series of small mistakes can drive away clients and affect the success of your practice.

So hire your writer with care. Ensure that whomever you hire, be it a member of our writing team or a student from your local law school:

  • Uses only white hat SEO techniques.
  • Writes compelling content.
  • Rarely makes mistakes.
  • Understands your voice.
  • Tailors all content to your perfect client.

And while you’re at it, check the content currently on your site! You need to make sure that your writer or SEO company hasn’t been making serious mistakes and jeopardizing your brand. If you’ve not got the time to comb through your website, let us do it for you! We can perform a free website analysis and let you know exactly what is dragging down your search engine rankings and preventing you realizing your full potential.

Just For Fun: A Fertile Attorney Can Help You After Your Loving Accident

As it turns out, Gay is a fairly common city name in the United States, and it isn’t the only city with an adjective for a name. Because we love nothing more than a good joke, here are some examples of keyword phrases that we came up with. Each of them uses the names of real cities. Let’s:

  • Our Nimrod attorney has been helping Nimrod accident victims in Arkansas for 20 years. (At least attorney and victim are in the same boat.)
  • Has a Magic car accident ruined your life? Then contact a Magic, ID attorney who can make your claim disappear. (Poof!)
  • Only a skilled Liberal attorney can represent your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. (A great way to alienate 50 percent of the population.)
  • If you need a Fertile attorney in Iowa, look no further! (TMI!)
  • If you are hurt during a Loving accident in Kentucky you’re going to need a Loving attorney now! (Perhaps the Fertile and Loving attorneys should partner up.)
  • Too many people are injured in an Accident accident each year. What you need is an Accident accident attorney that will repeat himself until you win! (Say what?)

Have fun out there, create killer content and, when in doubt, call 888-886-0930.

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