There is something comforting about seeing a face, shaking a hand, and meeting someone in person who assures you that they can help. That’s why it is so important to encourage your attorney website visitors to meet you and to welcome them into your office.

Although web video more popular over the last several years, many attorneys have not yet started using video in their law firm marketing. Studies have shown that web users respond to great video, and great video can also mean that your PageRank rises and users stay on your site longer. Is your law firm missing out on this simple marketing boost that can help you rise above your competitors? Get started with web video for law firms today and start standing out in the crowd!

 Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a lawyer video introduction:

  • If they are worried that you might not be the lawyer for them, an attorney video can assure them that you are someone that they could talk to.
  • You look like an expert. If they are concerned that you don’t know your stuff, an attorney video can establish you as an authority in the area of service they need.
  • If they are worried that an attorney will be intimidating, an attorney video can show them how welcoming and easy to talk to you actually are.
  • If they are browsing through a number of lawyer websites and waiting to connect with a real person who can help them, an attorney video lets them see a human face and hear a human voice when they need that support.
  • Studies have shown that web visitors retain information better from video and audio than they do from text alone. Using a combination of text and online video means your potential clients will remember you—and even have a face to put with the name!

Of course, it is important to remember that a lawyer introduction video isn’t just great for potential clients – it’s also great for search engine optimization and social and mobile marketing. You can post your video on your website, your blog, your Twitter feed, your Facebook page, and on YouTube.

Get started!
Do you want to add videos to your attorney website? Or do you want to produce videos that are better at getting you more website traffic and more cases? We can help. Call us today at (888) 886-0939 and improve your lawyer video marketing strategy.

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