Video: The Best Tool to Reduce the Bounce Rate on Attorney Websites

Are the people who visit your attorney website "bouncing" after visiting just one page? It's all well and good if your website is showing up on the first page of search engines, but that doesn't mean much if a large percentage of your visitors arrive at your page, take a quick look around, but don't find the information they need or a reason to stay.

There are two main reasons that lowering your attorney website bounce rate is important: a high bounce rate could hurt your search engine rankings and indicate that your audience wasn't drawn in by the content on your page.

What's one effective way to reduce your bounce rate? Web video. Here's why:

  • A video engages the viewer immediately. It can be easy for a visitor to skim over written content on a page, but a video instantly gives a visitor the information that they are looking for. A great video can make a reader stay on your page for longer and visit other pages on your site - just be sure that the content of your video is relevant to the rest of the page and to the keywords associated with the page.

  • A video introduces a real person to the reader. Websites - and especially attorney websites - can seem cold and impersonal. Video gives lawyers a chance to connect with their readers and introduce themselves. If someone who needs legal advice is looking at web pages of attorneys in their area, your video may well be the difference between the reader returning to her Google search and the reader deciding to explore your site and give you a call.

  • More and more internet surfers prefer video. With faster connections and popular websites like YouTube, more and more web users are watching videos on the internet - and preferring it. This change should only become more distinct in the future.

Remember: not just any video posted on your attorney website will help to reduce your bounce rate. While a high-quality, well-produced, and relevant video will engage visitors, a poorly done or off-topic video could actually increase your bounce rate. Want to learn more about how to do it right? Contact our web video experts today.

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