These days, just filling out a social media profile on Facebook is not enough. If you really want to explode your practice with the power of social media marketing for attorneys, you need to avoid making these common mistakes:

  • You’re not making use of images and videos. If you’re not adding relevant images and videos to posts and profiles, you’re probably missing out. Adding these visuals can make your social media presence more interesting to your readers – and it helps create trust and comfort since they can see your face and hear your voice.
  • Your profile and posts are full of typos. If your posts and your profile are full of typos and poor grammar, your readers will notice – and it will detract from the professional image you hope to project. Take the extra time to make sure your social media is as professional as you are. 
  • You never post or update. If you’ve made a profile but never post or Tweet or update, then your readers aren’t likely to keep checking back. With online marketing in general, and social media marketing in particular, more is better – make sure you’re updating on a regular schedule so your audience doesn’t forget you exist!
  • You don’t respond when your audience reaches out. Don’t forget to put the “social” in “social media.” If users respond to your posts or ask questions, make sure you reach out with a prompt, appropriate, and personalized response. The real benefit of social media is the ability to reach out to your potential clients – if you’re not going to respond, then you’re almost better off not dabbling in social media at all.
  • You spam the same information over and over. As much as we talk about regular posting and great content, there is such a thing as too much information. Don’t overload or annoy your friends and followers with a constant stream of spam. 
  • You can’t find the right balance between formal and informal. Although social media almost demands a more informal approach, it’s important to strike the right balance between professional and casual. While you might want to show your human side by talking a little about your hobbies outside of the office, you’ll want to stop short of duking out a family quarrel on your Facebook page. 

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Is Your Law Firm Or Medical Practice Getting Leads From Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

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