Can You Find the Best Path to SEO Success?There are a few general ideas that may always be a part of great SEO, but don’t try to hold on to every detail of the way things used to be. To be truly effective, you also have to be flexible and ready to change. The new approach to optimizing your online content is to forget everything you think you know about SEO. Sure, there are still some things you should be paying attention to when it comes to marketing. However, the more you focus on SEO, the harder it is to create content that really accomplishes your marketing goals. If you want to be successful, it’s time to stop writing what you think Google wants to see and start just writing for your readers.

How to Forget About SEO and Write for Your Readers

If you started learning about online marketing 10 years ago, you may still believe that attracting Google’s searchers is all about adding detailed meta descriptions. If you started learning about online marketing five years ago, you may believe that it’s all about manufacturing relevant keywords that are tied to internal links. However, if you just started learning about online marketing today, you’d find out that the trends and best practices have changed again—and it’s definitely no longer about just socketing in the right stuff to “play the game” with Google’s search algorithms.

More and more over the last few years, Google has made it clear that it wants to reward informative articles that cater to what searchers actually want to see. In fact, this is essentially what Google has always wanted from the content creators out there jockeying for page-one results. The only real differences these days are that the algorithm is smarter and readers expect more from online content. As a result, a lot of old keywords, signs, and best practices that used to be necessary are now frowned upon or no longer needed.

Not Sure How to Get to Page One With Content That Is Also Interesting?

You want to make your business look good, and you want Google to push you to the top of the list. How can you possibly do that if you’re not completely focused on your marketing when you write? If you’re used to over-optimizing your content, it might seem crazy to toss out everything you’ve learned about incorporating keywords, search phrases, and on-page links. But, if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. After all, Google isn’t really reading your content or trying to make a decision about using your services—your readers are. So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that you should be writing for them.

Instead of focusing your efforts on creating the best content for Google, you should be concentrating on creating the best content for the kinds of readers you’d like to see. Your SEO should help to inform the directions you take and the audiences you focus on, but it should be working for you behind the scenes, where it won’t get in your readers’ way. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Your content should be well written, carefully edited, and full of unique and relevant information. Instead of showing itself through spammy-looking links and forced keywords, your SEO should be invisible to readers on the page.

Even if it seems like your competitors are still getting by just fine with their too-obvious, keyword-laden marketing attempts, you should understand that their success by these kinds of means just isn’t meant to last. The best way to get ahead and keep moving forward is to trash all those ideas about stuffing keywords and writing for search engines and start producing articles, blog posts, social media pushes, and videos that attract searchers simply because they are interesting, relevant, and informative.

Not Sure What Kinds of Content Your Readers and Potential Clients Want to See?

Your readers want to see content that is valuable to them. It should inform, entertain, and engage them. It should answer their questions and help them get to know you and what you offer. This is where you should be looking at your analytics and determining which pieces of content have drawn the biggest interest from searchers. This is also where you should carefully consider the target audience you’re trying to reach and what they’re really searching for when they open up a search engine. And, if you still aren’t sure what your potential clients might like to see on your website, start asking the clients you’ve already served and the new people who walk through your door!

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