The Psychology of Free: How to Make it Work for Your Law Firm's Website

Just by offering a free item on your website, you're ahead of the game. Too few attorneys have taken advantage of this powerful marketing and conversion tool. We have found that free offers account for 35 percent of contacts for our clients. This number is significant and shows just how important it is that you create and promote free offers for your law firm.

Types of free offers that attract the most attention include:

  • Bumper stickers
  • Coloring books
  • Gender-specific guides
  • Accident kits with freebies, such as phone chargers

We know which offers work because we've looked at the data. So far in 2013, 27,879 reports were downloaded from our clients. Of these, over half were from just 10 offers. These offers had two things in common: they were free, and they appealed to a very specific demographic. Create your free offer carefully with this in mind, and you could see your conversion rates skyrocket. But creating an offer isn't enough—you'll have to work hard to make sure people know about it.

Getting the Word Out

Not only should your offers be prominently displayed on your website, you should actively promote them. This means making the most of both physical and internet offers by:

  • Getting social. Be sure to promote your free offer on social media. Every so often—not more than once a week—talk about your free offer and how it can help those in your target demographic.
  • Beating the pavement. If you've created a physical offer, such as a printed book, bumper sticker, or coloring book, distribute them to pertinent business in your area. One client had success sharing a bike safety coloring book for kids with local bike shops. 
  • Starting a drip campaign. A drip campaign makes good use of the contact form your offer recipients fill out. Either by snail mail, email, or both, you can stay on the minds of your audience by periodically sending out correspondence. This should include your law firm's monthly newsletter, postcards on birthdays, a “thank you” note for requesting the free offer, and emails that offer more information and links to relevant pages on your website.  

As you can see, creating a free offer for your law firm means more than typing up a few pages of information, stapling them together, and leaving them on your receptionist’s desk. For help creating and marketing free offers or implementing a drip campaign, call 888-430-8377. We offer everything from attorney book writing to social media guidance and can help you realize your marketing goals.

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