People love listening to podcasts. They’re convenient to put on while you do something else. The topics are often fascinating. It’s no problem to find something that fits your niche interests, whether personal or professional. The casual interview environment offers little tidbits and insights that you just can’t find elsewhere. 

In short, you get to indulge your interests, expand your knowledge, and engage with the influencers and communities that make your ideas possible—all while you do the dishes or go for a run. 

That’s valuable! And it’s no wonder millions of people tune into podcasts every day. 

But I don’t just love listening to podcasts; I love creating them, too. And there has never been a better time to BE a podcaster than right now. 

So, have you ever thought about starting your own podcast? Have you ever wondered why so many businesses get involved in podcasting or what they get out of it? 

Well, it hasn’t always been an easy road, but here are the 5 reasons I now LOVE podcasting for my business.

1. Podcasting for my business means I can talk about what really excites me. 

The general tendency for first-time podcasters is to choose topics that are a little too generic and predictable. But it’s understandable. The whole reason people get into podcasting in the first place is because they want to model the podcasts they already enjoy. The problem is that it can quickly turn into a game of trends, algorithms, and risk aversion that’s boring for everyone involved—especially your listeners!

So, you learn the BIG lesson that everyone needs to learn: podcasts work best when they’re really authentic.

I love podcasting because I don’t have to stick to “safe” topics. I don’t have to only interview one type of guest. I can push the limits or go a little off topic because that is what’s interesting to me and the people that tune in to listen. I can be myself, and my guests can be themselves.

It’s that authenticity that makes it work!

2. My podcast gets to be a voice for other amazing people. 

Sometimes, I’m as fascinated and surprised by my guests as my listeners are. And that’s really one of the coolest things about podcasting, whether you’re a law firm, podiatry practice, or marketing company. You get to boost voices and ideas that are meaningful to you!

I especially love this with interview-based podcasting. You get to ask the questions that you want answers to. You get to find out how other people have discovered their success and overcome challenges. You get new perspectives. You get to hear what keeps your guests passionate and engaged, and you get to share it with everyone your podcast reaches. 

Even if you don’t interview guests, you can still bring a lot of value to a topic and spread the word about it. You can show how it’s relevant to your potential clients’ lives. You can share information that your listeners probably wouldn’t find otherwise. 

With a podcast, you can dive deep and share your expertise with the world.

There are all kinds of legal and medical topics out there that need more attention or tie in with the struggles your clients currently face. And, when you share something unique and valuable like that, you’re more likely to hook listeners and attract your perfect clients.

3. Podcasting is something I look forward to doing consistently. 

Lots of marketing tasks need to be done consistently if they’re going to work, and podcasts aren’t in any way excluded from that list. However, podcasting is something I actually look forward to doing on a regular basis!

We all know marketing isn’t all fun and games all the time. (I’m looking at you, contact list management tasks.) However, podcasting is one of those things where you’re going to get the best outcomes when you enjoy it. If you look forward to doing it, you will do it—and you’ll stay on top of it. 

It doesn’t mean that you skip those other marketing tasks. It just means that you’re more motivated overall with getting your hands into marketing your business. It keeps you excited! It keeps you moving!

So, don’t sink a lot of time into a podcast you HATE working on. Put it into something you DO love and that WILL keep you excited about what you’re doing. It’s the passion and positive mood you bring to your podcast that keeps your listeners coming back for more!

4. My podcast builds real-life relationships. 

Business is business. So, no matter how much fun I have podcasting, I have to see some results to know it’s really worth it. 

I think the most valuable thing podcasting has done for me is strengthen my real-life relationships with people. For example, I learn more about my guests when they’re on the show, which has deepened old friendships and started new ones. An episode might start up a fresh conversation with a past client, or it might push new leads over the conversion hump. I’ve interviewed partner businesses on my podcast, and they’ve invited me as a guest on their podcasts. I’ve talked with other podcasters and marketers, and they’ve shared what they know. 

In other words, my podcast puts me in the perfect position to nurture leads, maintain positive relationships, reach new audiences, and collaborate with other influencers. 

So, while it may not be a huge source of clear and direct leads, it is a huge source of “buzz” and interest that keeps people curious about my brand. 

5. My podcast ties in with all the other marketing I do. 

I love podcasting because it’s just one facet of my whole marketing machine. It’s not an aside or a distraction. Instead, it’s another cog. My podcast plays well with the rest of the marketing I do, and it does a few things that nothing else can. 

Podcasting is a unique format. You get to be a little more casual. You don’t have to be quite as targeted as you do with your website content or email campaigns. Sure, for your audience’s sake, you want to stick to some familiar themes and keep your podcast relevant to what you do. But you have a lot more “wiggle room” with podcasts than you do with other marketing avenues.  

So, the podcast is where I can elaborate on ideas that I introduced in a blog post. It’s where I can run with the topics that are on my mind or in the news and tie them back into the theme of marketing. I can post a client’s success story on my website, and then I can interview them and let them tell people about their experience entirely in their own words. I can let listeners know when I’ve published a new book or put up a special offer. I can point them to my website or my YouTube Channel. I can post my podcast on social media and get conversations going over there. I can tell everyone on my email list when a new episode comes out or mention it in my newsletter. 

No successful podcast is an island! If you want to make it fruitful for your business, you’ll get the best results when it’s tied into the rest of your marketing and branding. 

What One Thing Really Excites YOU About Marketing Your Business?

Marketing isn’t all drudgery. Sometimes, it’s actually fun! There are all kinds of little facets of it all that I legitimately enjoy doing, and podcasting is just one of them.

So, what’s something YOU love doing? How can we give you the tools and support you need to do MORE of what you love?

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