Get Great Leads for Your Attorney Website by Writing a Free Book

There is a glut of information on the web about increasing your traffic and climbing the search engine ladder to the top, but there is much less information about how to convert your readers to clients - the main reason you have a website in the first place.


One of our favorite conversion tools is offering readers a free, downloadable e-book or guide. It's mutually beneficial: your visitors get the information that they are looking for, and you get to make personal contact with someone you know needs assistance.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of adding a free book offer to your website:

  • Books are an effective call to action. It may seem daunting for a visitor to make the big decision to call you or set up a preliminary meeting right after perusing your website. A book gives the reader a chance to make contact without having to take a huge step immediately - and to walk away from your website with a physical product.

  • Books build your credibility. A book establishes you as an expert in your field and is a physical illustration of your knowledge and experience.

  • Books educate your readers. Every attorney wants an educated client. By having potential clients read your book before a meeting, they will already know the answers to basic questions and understand the basics of the process.

  • Books are great for getting links. Having a large amount of specific, accurate, and relevant information in one place is a great way to get organic backlinks from other websites. Books can also lead to local or national media appearances when reporters search for a legal expert.

  • Books make you stand out. If you are surfing the web for an attorney in your area, are you going to pick the lawyer who isn't offering a free guide to their readers, or are you going to pick the lawyer that has written several books on the legal subject that interests you? That's what we thought.

Did you know that we offer our clients a book ghostwriting service that includes a 30-page manuscript and a professional cover? Even if you don't have the time to invest in creating a book-length project, we can help you add this key piece to your website in a matter of weeks. Contact our web marketing experts today for more information.

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