One of our criminal defense attorney clients already had a lot going for him when he signed on with us. As a former prosecutor, he was uniquely suited to help people accused of a crime—a strong USP. He had a stellar Google rating and had recently added several partners to the firm. However, he still wasn’t pulling in his ideal clients. When we evaluated his old website, we found a common problem: his web presence wasn’t doing everything possible to keep his marketing machine running 24/7 or position him as a local leader. The team at Foster Web Marketing recommended a full law firm website redesign. And fortunately, he agreed.

It All Starts With a Website…

First and foremost, the client's website content had to be optimized. Lawyers often try to cast a wide net when marketing to potential clients, making their practice areas and services all-inclusive. Unfortunately, trying to be everything to everyone can make web content too generic—and who ever hired a generic lawyer?

This was already a well-established practice, so there were hundreds of pages of content to review. Smart business owners like this client know that quantity doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality, so we went through the process of removing and replacing less effective content.

We also applied SEO concepts to his target markets. Appealing equally to the entire nation or a broad region just wasn’t as effective as homing in on specific areas. We made sure each of his four office locations had unique, relevant content, and we tightened the net to focus on nearby cities to increase visibility where it really counted. Never forget: there’s a right way and a wrong way to incorporate geolocation keywords!

The client’s new site launched just a few weeks later, and he was so impressed that he requested ongoing services—starting a positive chain reaction that had a huge impact on the success of his firm.

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Attract and Convert Clients

At the start of 2022, as many businesses struggled to recover from the pandemic, this client was hitting the ground running. He used that time to learn the features and tools in Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS)—our proprietary content management system—and took advantage of our:

  • Drip campaigns. The client took advantage of automated email campaigns to follow up with visitors who filled out a contact form or requested an offer, ensuring he stayed top of mind with potential clients.
  • PPC recommendations. Pay-per-click campaigns can cost an arm and a leg, so monitoring responses is vital to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. We carefully crafted a PPC campaign that would achieve its goals while making the most of the advertising spend.
  • Social media. This client had tons of videos, but they weren’t on YouTube—an oversight that could have cost him countless leads. As YouTube is the second-largest search engine behind Google, we helped him make the most of the content he already had, while our Reputation Management team protected him from comment spam.
  • Fresh content. Content packages are ideal for busy attorneys who need to devote their full attention to their clients. Our experienced, USA-based staff writes and posts engaging content designed to spur readers into making contact.

What a Difference a Year Makes!

  • The numbers speak for themselves. This client’s monthly website leads sat at 33 in January 2022 but increased to 336 by December!
  • A previously unexplored conversion tool, this client's chat leads went from 193 in January to an all-time high of 690 by the end of 2022. 
  • Web traffic increased from 5,019 to 32,425 organic leads—more than five times the number of visitors the site had seen in the past—leaving competing sites in the dust.


Chart of top 10 keywords

Get the Legal Marketing Strategy That Keeps You Ahead of the Pack

If you think your website could be underperforming, we offer a personalized marketing analysis or design consultation to find the chink in your armor. We can build a new site from scratch or fine-tune your existing site, all while keeping your custom domain for a seamless transition. 

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