We’ve talked before about how to create conversion-focused landing pages for your organic campaigns.

Now, let’s talk about what it takes to boost the conversion power of the landing pages for your pay-per-click (PPC) ads.  

If you follow the link above, you’ll find out that landing pages—whether paid or organic—are always about convincing your perfect clients to take action. That action might be downloading your book, filling out your contact form, taking advantage of an offer, or something else, but it’s the main topic and purpose of the page.  

When people come to your offer page organically, the way you convince them to click or contact you is to build trust, focus on their needs, and allay their fears about taking that next step.   

While many of the same elements go into converting your PPC visitors, you also need to recognize that they’re a slightly different audience with different needs than the people who find you organically.

If you want your visitors from paid ads to take the next step, you have to create landing pages that speak directly to them.   

PPC Landing Pages Are Highly Specialized Tools to Convert Your Paid Visitors

Organic visitors are often in the “research phase” when they respond to offers. You know that they landed on your offer pages because they read something else on your site that interested them, had a question that they typed into search, or are already familiar with your brand.   

Visitors that come in through your paid ads, though, are often at a critical point in their decision to hire a lawyer or choose a podiatrist. They were motivated to click on your ad, but it may be the first time they’ve ever interacted with your website or your brand.

The challenge with PPC landing pages is that you need to make a good first impression, and you also need to make that interaction worth the money you put into attracting the visit.

What’s the solution?

Your PPC landing pages have to be built to convert, and here are some of our best tips to do just that:

Focus on One Goal

A PPC landing page that converts is a landing page that has a laser focus on the goal. When people come to the page after clicking on your ad, they should immediately understand what is being offered, why, and what to do on the page to get it.

This isn’t the time to add a bunch of links or talk about your other offers and services. Instead, there should be a clear headline, one “call to action,” and minimal distractions from the main purpose of the page.

When you create a landing page with a clear focus on one goal, you’re essentially removing all the roadblocks that slow people down between clicking the ad and taking the desired action.

Match Expectations

When someone clicks on one of your ads, they have certain expectations about what they will find when they get there. If you want people to convert into clients and contacts, you have to deliver a landing page that matches those expectations.

This is about more than just delivering the book or offer your ad promised. The design of the page and the ad should share consistent elements, like your brand colors and logo images, that help assure visitors that they are in the right place. The tone of your content should also be consistent. You don’t want a serious-sounding ad to go to a lighthearted page—or vice versa!

The length of the page should also meet users’ expectations. For example, if it’s a request for a book or more information, it makes sense for the copy on the page to be short and sweet. If it’s an offer for a more complex program or service, it makes sense to get into more details on the landing page.

And, just like organic landing pages, every word, image, form, and element on your PPC landing pages should be chosen with the expectations of your perfect clients in mind if you want to convince them to convert. Putting the focus on them—even in a few short words and gestures—shows that you are trustworthy, understanding, and ready to help them with their needs.  

Use Design to Your Advantage

PPC landing pages should look professional, but they also need to grab potential clients’ attention and get right to the point. Even if you’ve developed excellent landing page content, the design you choose for the landing page plays a big part in emphasizing what’s important and cleanly guiding the eye to the right place.  

Here’s a great example that uses wise design to keep the message short and sweet, even when providing more supporting content:

Law firm landing pages that convert | Content Writing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

Anyone landing on this page immediately understands who the offer is for and how to connect with the firm, but anyone who needs more information can simply scroll down, read more, and even watch a video that helps explain what is being offered. Navigation menus, sidebar modules, and other elements have been removed, so the path to the goal is clear and obvious.  

Find out more about how website design can drive more conversions.

Stick With Your Perfect PPC Clients After They Land

If you really want to ramp up the conversion power of your landing pages, build in an email follow-up campaign. Sending out a sequence of emails after someone has downloaded your book or inquired about an offer is a great way to stay top of mind. It also gives you another chance to connect your services to your perfect clients’ needs and build trust that you are there for them.

Test, Tweak, and Test Again

Writing a landing page that turns visitors into contacts and clients isn’t easy. We said it about organic landing pages, and we’ll say it again about PPC landing pages: it’s okay if they’re not perfect overnight. Even when you think you’ve really hit the mark, it’s worth it to test, analyze, and tweak your landing pages based on solid data—that’s really the voice of your perfect clients!  

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