While it sounds like a nickname for your sick toddler, a drip campaign is actually a marketing technique that can improve the health of your overall marketing plan.

An email drip campaign, also known as a follow-up or back-end campaign, is a series of correspondences you send to those who request your free offer.

The most effective follow-up campaigns don't rely solely on emails—a common mistake many podiatrists and attorneys make. Instead, they vary greatly and can include:

  • Mailed letters
  • Postcards
  • CDs of an interview you did
  • DVDs of you speaking at a professional event
  • Invitations to your yearly charity event or community function

Ideally, you should send at least 15 types of correspondence over a seven-month period, which means reaching out every other week.

After the Email Drip Stops

Once your follow-up campaign has run its course, it's important to stay in the minds of your audience. The best way to do this is to continue to send out a monthly newsletter via snail mail or email.

Also, if you've done it right, there's a good chance that those who have been getting your follow-up campaign materials have chosen to follow you on social media. This means you will continue to be on their minds long after your last follow-up campaign letter comes in the mail.

If your law firm or medical practice doesn't have a drip campaign, I suggest you begin to implement one as soon as possible. We find that follow-up campaigns for attorneys and podiatrists significantly increase the success of their free offers.

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