FWM Client Attorney Edward Littlejohn | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatristsEdward Littlejohn, founder of Littlejohn Law, LLC, made the decision to get on top of the marketing for his firm, so he turned to FWM for guidance. Over his first six months with us, he actively worked to expand his know-how and build on each success he earned. Now, he has a fully functional and sustainable marketing strategy that continues to expand his practice and bring in new leads and clients for his firm.

Why did it work for him? Getting the website and tools to market your firm is one thing, but putting together the strategy and focus to make it a powerhouse for your law firm is the real key to making it work for you.

Ed Littlejohn has been impressively successful because he didn’t sit down and quit once his law firm’s website launched and things started working. Instead, he kept on—and keeps on—pushing to get the most out of each forward move he makes.

Want to do the same for your law firm? Check out how he did it.  

Start With a Foundational Website You Can Build Upon

Ed equipped himself with an FWM website and DSS, and he started monthly strategic coaching calls with Tom Foster. Their first few calls—along with Ed’s attendance at the 2018 GLM Summit—had him charged up and newly ready to take on the task of marketing his firm and growing his practice.

Tom compares starting a website to buying a fantastic, technically advanced deep-sea fishing boat. It has everything you need, but you still have to load it up and use the tools available. While Ed had all the basics in place with his new website and content, and he was already getting some bites from new leads, Tom recommended that Ed use that initial success to make more connections, put more bait on the hook, and get more use out of the marketing tools available to him.

Ed and Tom worked through all the parts of a sustainable growth plan—customized to Littlejohn Law—that built on what he was already doing with his new website. Over those first six months, there was no one, huge thing that he or Tom did that made his digital marketing plan successful.

Instead, it was all about steadily building out and tweaking the “blank slate” he started with.

Drive More Traffic and Conversions by Thinking Outside Your Website

Along with boosting the attraction power of his newly designed website, DSS made it easier for Ed to create email follow-up campaigns for his most interested readers. That, in turn, also allowed him to get more “niched” in his follow-up for his different practice areas. Being able to reach out via email and speak directly to the needs of his perfect clients for each of his practice areas means that he now converts more of the people he attracts with his website. The follow-up campaigns he created in DSS also automatically keep him in contact with his best potential clients!  

Littlejohn Law, LLC Email Campaign Performance Metrics | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatristsLittlejohn Law’s email campaigns have outstanding open rates!

Ed added a live chat service to his website, as well, which gave his potential leads another easy way to contact his firm. He got new leads through chat almost immediately.

Ed also did well with his monthly newsletter, so he and Tom talked about new ways to step up the quality and engagement—if it looks professional, more people will pay attention! He added newsletter sign-up forms in appropriate places on his website, and he used DSS to make it easier for visitors to find his newsletter and subscribe.

To support his campaigns and practice areas, Ed also started using social media and Google ads.

With all these campaigns put together and connected to his website, he was planting and nurturing the seeds of his growth and ensuring they could grow. All those individual campaigns and efforts steadily started to work together, and he saw bigger jumps in traffic and leads as he improved each part.

FWM Tools Improving Littlejohn Law Site Performance | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatristsEd’s hard work is paying off, thanks to his use of the tools his website provides.

Create an Irresistible Offer to Hook Your Perfect Clients  

Ed had a free book offer that was driving traffic to his website, but he also had several guides available on his website that weren’t getting many downloads. He and Tom talked through how to get the appropriate offers on his core practice area pages in DSS, so visitors would see the most relevant offers on the most relevant pages.

Ed did a teleconference and offered his book to audience members that emailed him, which ended up being a very successful way to drive interest from his potential clients. He was also involved in lots of other interviews and teleconferences that he hadn’t yet harnessed with his marketing plan. By creating new landing and offer pages in DSS for those engagements, he was able to capture more of the potential leads he was already talking to.

Free Offers on Littlejohn Law's Site | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists
A wide array of lead magnets, each designed to attract a perfect client for that case type.

Little adjustments, like making the cover of his book look more interesting, compounded his success. As he improves and adjusts his offers to make them even more irresistible to his perfect clients, he can increasingly turn his focus to offers and pages meant for his perfect referral sources.  

Perfect Your Message as You Create Content and Videos

Ed was consistent and committed to creating his own content from the start. However, to further increase the “stickiness” of the message, Tom suggested that Ed go back and improve the website content he’d already produced and better focus his core pages on the clients he wants.

Since he and Tom had worked through a “perfect client exercise” early on, Ed already had the vision he needed to adjust his content and core pages to speak to that audience. Ed and Tom also bounced around ideas for new content and videos that would bring out more of his personality, thought leadership, and connection with his perfect clients.

Keyword Rankings | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists
Having a goal—and a plan to achieve that goal—was key to Ed building strong organic keyword rankings.

As his blog posts and other content pieces gained traction, Ed and Tom worked on ways to develop that success. By making the content on his core pages more robust and linking it to other relevant content on his site, he made it more appealing for his visitors and encouraged them to stick around longer on his site. Adding “calls to action” and sidebar offers on each page helped improve conversion once people were hooked on the content.

Overall, Ed made many adjustments to his content and videos that made them look more professional, attract more prospective clients, and convert more leads. And it worked!

A Great Plan Maintains Progress Over Perfection

Things get better for Ed Littlejohn every month, and he sees the fruits of his marketing strategy in both hard numbers and real leads. He has built up a solid foundation that will continue to evolve with him as he moves forward, and all the parts are designed to work together in harmony to increase his business. After six months, Ed has sustainable routines for attracting and converting more of the clients he wants, and he’s ready to roll out more “fine-tuning” tasks to take it even further.

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