These days, about 90 percent of businesses are taking advantage of social media marketing opportunities, especially on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, fewer businesses – and even fewer law firms – have experimented with newer and more abstract social media websites. For example, Instagram is a popular photo-blogging website with over 30 million users, but few businesses have tapped into the marketing potential of the visual social media website.

How can attorneys use Instagram to boost their social media marketing plan?

  • Take interesting pictures from you day – certainly at the office and perhaps outside of the office.
  • Create hashtags for your photos that are relevant and that will attract new followers.
  • Follow the Instagram accounts of those in your industry and community.
  • Share Instagram photos on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Get others in your office to post relevant images to Instagram.
  • Check out how other businesses are utilizing Instagram to help their brand and strengthen relationships with customers and clients.
  • Geo-tag your pictures to attract local attention and engage in location-specific marketing.
  • Get creative with your photos!

Studies have shown that images attract more attention than plain text when it comes to social media. In addition, it’s likely that your competition hasn’t taken advantage of Instagram for marketing purposes. Get ahead of the crowd, start an account, and begin posting pictures today.

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