How can I use my attorney website content to help me build trust with my potential clients online?

When potential clients first find your website, they are often confronted with a legal problem and confused about who they can trust. As an attorney, the content you choose to feature on your website and how that content is presented can have a big impact on a potential client—positive or negative. 

If you are looking to establish your credibility and build trust with your online visitors, try setting potential clients at ease by providing:

  • Helpful answers. Most of your potential clients will find you because they have a legal question. If you can provide helpful and relevant answers, then they will be more likely to trust you and turn to you for advice. 
  • Relevant video. Don’t underestimate the power of video content! This is your chance to let clients know that you are a real human being who is available to them if they need help.  
  • An idea of what to expect. Many potential clients who are facing legal troubles are anxious about what to expect and how long it might be until they see some resolution. Offering this information up front can go a long way toward making your potential clients feel more comfortable and in control. 
  • Prompt responses. If a current event or change in the law is making waves in your community, providing more information and immediate responses to questions can establish you as the authority to turn to with legal problems.  

The more you are able to reach out, allay fears, show your human side, and show your expertise, the more likely it is that your potential clients will feel at ease and trust in your legitimacy. 

If you need help writing attorney website content that establishes your credibility, take advantage of the website content writing services offered by Foster Web Marketing. Just give us a call today at 1-888-886-0939 to get started!

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