What should my book be about?

Your book or guide should be about a subject that interests your target market. It should be:

  • Unique
  • Well written
  • Interesting
  • Informative
  • Eye-catching

Nobody wants to read a boring, poorly written book, so keep it fresh and impeccably written.

Book Topics That Tantalize

The topic of your book should address the needs of a very specific type of client. It should speak to a certain set of people in a way that no other offer or article does. To help inspire you, we've written a few examples:

  • Personal injury attorneys: The Secret to Beating Your Insurance Company After a Milwaukee Car Accident
  • Family law attorneys: A Woman's Guide to a Successful Divorce in Ohio
  • Estate planning attorneys: Beware! Choosing the Wrong Executor for Your Will Could Leave Your Family in Dire Straits  
  • DUI attorneys: The Five Best Ways to Mess up Your DUI Case and Go to Jail
  • Bankruptcy attorneys: Bankruptcy or Debt Management? A Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Right Choice for Your Family
  • Immigration attorneys: La Clave Para Proteger Sus Derechos Como un Immigrante Mexicano. Create guides for each of the languages spoken by your typical clients, Spanish was just used here as an example.

Bigger Isn't Always Better When Writing a Book

You need to think hard about the length of your free offer. Books and guides for attorneys have very different purposes. When deciding whether to write a guide or a book, consider the following:

  • Guides are short and sweet. A guide is much shorter than a book. They are a good idea when you want to cover a subject that is important but not book-worthy. You can offer these as a PDF file, to be sent via email. We call guides "lead generators" because they help you gather emails for future drip campaigns and newsletters. Tip: Just like the guide itself, the order form should be brief. All the requester needs to provide is a name and email address. This will encourage more people to request your offer as they don't have to give a lot of information.
  • Books are long and strong. If you write a book—generally anything over 30 pages is considered a book—you are looking to impress and inform. A book is something that will only be read by people who are serious about remedying their legal situation or people in the media who are looking for interviews. So a book is for attorneys who want to superstars, want to show that they know their stuff, and are able to speak with expertise about their area of practice. Tip: The contact form for your book will be longer since the requestor is getting a hard copy and is more likely to be okay with giving you more information. The good thing about a longer form is that you get a physical address and an email address. This way, you can send a thank-you note and marketing materials to his or her mailbox and inbox.

At Foster Web Marketing, we offer specialized attorney book writing services. From books to guides, we can create free offers that attract attention and dramatically increase your conversation rates. Call 888-430-8377 to see what our team of exceptional writers can do for you. 

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