Should I invite others to write guest posts on my attorney blog?

It’s a great idea to invite respected, interesting, and relevant guests to post on your blog and share their knowledge with your readers. Not only is it a great way to get unique and high-quality content on your attorney website, it’s also a great way to improve your SEO and traffic – more often than not, your guest blogger will link to the post from his or her blog and let their readers know to check out your website and law firm.


  • Should I pay a guest blogger? It depends. Professional bloggers may charge, but many are happy to write a blog post in exchange for a link to their website and the new exposure and traffic they will receive.


  • How do I pick guest bloggers? Get creative. A gust blogger could be a safety expert, another attorney (though not someone who you consider competition), or even a former client sharing his or her experience. If your readers could learn from the blogger, and if the blogger can share relevant information, it’s a great idea!


  • How often should I have a guest blogger? The more great content you have, the better. Just be sure that you are posting more blogs than your guests are.


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