What are the benefits of ordering and using the educational CD set?

The benefits are numerous, but the top three reasons to order your FWM CD and DVD learning kit are:

  1. The ability to learn at your leisure. You can learn when and where you want to. Listen to the CD's during your commute, or pop in the DVD while making dinner. Look over the workbook, and fill out the in-depth worksheets before bed. Soon enough, you have a handle on all things lawyer web marketing.
  2. Extensive information. We didn't skimp on the amount of information in the learning kit. We lay out all we know about running your website, writing effective content, starting a social media campaign, the best SEO practices, and much more. And, if you get done and still have questions, call us! We are happy to help.
  3. No sales pitch. We have no interest in hard sales, especially when you are trying to learn all you can about building and maintaining your own marketing campaign. The set is pure, unadulterated education for attorneys who want to run their own websites.

Ordering Your FWM Learning Kit

To get started, visit the FWM Learning Kit order page. We often run promotions on the kit, making ordering today a smart and economical decision.

If you're not quite ready to order, please feel free to call us. We can help you decide the best way to get the information you need. Don't forget that we offer monthly webinars for clients and run the FWM Academy, an intensive program designed to meet the specific needs of attorneys. You can take control of the success of your website and your practice. We can show you how. 

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