What are the disadvantages of doing your own online attorney marketing?

In our last frequently asked question (FAQ), we listed the advantages of doing your own attorney marketing. Next, we will cover the disadvantages of tackling all of your marketing strategies by yourself:

  • Marketing – especially doing marketing right – takes up a significant amount of time.
  • You may have difficulty keeping up to date on the latest attorney marketing news and trends.
  • Handling your own marketing plan may take time away from your primary job of helping clients with their legal issues.
  • Doing your own marketing may mean less time away from work and with your family.
  • While you can do your own marketing campaigns, you may not be able to do them as well as professionals who specialize in marketing for a living.
  • Outsourcing your marketing needs may mean that your marketing projects get done faster.
  • You will have to take time to learn the basics of marketing before you get started.
  • You may have to hire an in-house employee to help you with marketing tasks.
  • You may have difficulty measuring the success of your marketing efforts without help.

After reading about the pros and cons of choosing do-it-yourself marketing, some attorneys decide that they need help, while others decide that they’d like to learn the ropes and take control. Most lawyers take the middle path and choose to take on some marketing projects while outsourcing others. Whatever you decide, we can help. Call Foster Web Marketing today to learn about our marketing services and our marketing training opportunities at 888-886-0939.

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