From a website design perspective, what makes a landing page “good?”

First, a landing page is a page you’ve set up to gather a visitor’s contact information.

It’s where you send someone who wants your free download, to register for a seminar, or get a bumper sticker.

An ideal landing page should have:

  1. Only one call-to-action. This is typically a form you want them to complete. Do not include chat or other offers.
  2. No navigation or menu. Do not distract visitors from doing the one task you want them to complete. 
  3. No links to other web pages. Remove social icons and search fields.
  4. A title indicating the type of offer and the value.
  5. An explanation of the benefits of completing the form. Explain what’s in it for them. This is best presented in the format of a bulleted list detailing the types of questions that are answered in the book, what the reader can expect to learn more about, or how the offer will help them.
  6. A large image of what they are getting. If it’s a book, the image should be large enough to read the title. Also, use an image with a thin spine—no one wants to read a tome the size of “War and Peace.”
  7. Text that wraps around the image.
  8. Something that draws the eye to the form, such as an arrow, box, or red button.
  9. A headline beginning with an action word, such as “Download” or “Get.”
  10. The shortest form needed:
    1. For downloads, ask for the visitor’s first name and email address.
    2. For hard copies, request the visitor’s first name, last name, street address, city, state, zip, and email address.
  11. Testimonials and badges on the sidebar. These are visual clues to visitors that they are making the right decision
  12. Button text other than “submit”.  “Click Here” and “Go” convert better than “Submit”.

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