Why is offering an attorney ebook an effective call to action?

You may have noticed that almost all attorney websites offer a free consultation as their call to action. However, only having one call to action – and having the same call to action as everyone else – isn’t as effective as multiple calls to action and multiple offers.


Offering a free legal guide or ebook as one of your calls to action is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. First, an ebook offer allows you to collect information from your website visitors when they fill out a request form. Secondly, an ebook is an effective way to show your visitors that you are an authority on the legal issue they need help with. Thirdly, an ebook is a more unique way of reaching your website visitors than a passive offer of a complimentary consultation.


Ebooks also help educate the reader – they ensure that when your potential client calls, they have already learned something about their claim or case. This can help save everyone time and ultimately make your job easier.


Would you like to offer a free legal guide or ebook on your attorney website, or would you just like to learn more about book writing for lawyers? Our marketing and writing team at Foster Web Marketing can help you brainstorm ideas, make your project a reality, and get you the new clients you are looking for. Call today to schedule an appointment or (of course!) check out our selection of free ebooks on online attorney marketing.

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