As a business owner in Miami, you know how important it is to stand out in a city full of competitors. The local market is saturated with law firms and medical clinics of all sizes—and no amount of vanity keywords or PPC campaigns will keep you at the top of Google’s front page. Your approach to web marketing can be the difference between pulling in clients left and right and struggling to make ends meet.

Incredible as it may seem, we were once in your shoes. Foster Web Marketing was there at the dawn of internet advertising, tweaking our strategies and honing our message with every new software update. After two decades of learning what worked (and, more importantly, what didn’t), we’ve helped countless lawyers and podiatrists nationwide implement digital content strategies that create steady, year-on-year growth.

What Foster Web Marketing Does for Law Firms and Podiatry Offices in Miami, FL

Foster Web Marketing uses proven web marketing strategies to help you attract more clients and grow your business at a pace that makes sense for you. We create targeted advertising campaigns based on your location, helping you reach your perfect audience in the most cost-effective way.

Our experienced legal and podiatry marketing team can provide the tools you need to succeed, including: 

Ethical content

Miami law firms and medical practices must follow specific state and federal advertising laws when marketing to their clients, making these advertising campaigns more complicated than others. Our content and SEO specialists have extensive experience meeting the legal, ethical, and privacy needs of lawyers and medical practitioners. When you trust us with your brand, we safeguard your professional standing.

Guidance and support

We never leave you in the dark about your marketing. We’re only a phone call away, ready to explain what we’re doing and why. Our USA-based staff is available to answer your questions, create a specialized campaign, or help you meet your next milestone.

Marketing metrics

Marketing isn’t your specialty, but more and more of your time is taken up by advertising your services. You’re working on razor-thin margins and can’t afford to waste money on tactics that might not pay off. Our team creates monthly reports with the results of your campaigns, allowing you to deploy your budget where it will do the most good.

Reliable Marketing Strategies for Long-Lasting Success

Our digital marketing plans are customized to each client’s needs based on an Attract-Convert-Retain philosophy. Our goal is to increase your visibility, allow local clients to find and engage with you, and funnel your perfect clients to make contact—all with the most efficient use of resources possible. When done right, your custom website establishes you as a trusted authority and helps you dominate the local market.Experienced Lawyer and Podiatrist Marketing Services For Miami Florida | Foster Web Marketing

Conversion-focused websites

Your best possible online presence starts with a professional website that represents your brand. Our designs are easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and full of helpful optimized content to increase your readership and rankings. Once we have a strong foundation, we add to it piece by piece, perfecting your business's identity and offerings with the support of our team.

Marketing automation software

At FWM, you have a single platform for your digital marketing, including streamlining your content, hosting, ads, emails, and more. Our proprietary DSS system was developed specifically to fit the needs of attorneys and medical professionals. If you typically use six or seven different providers for your business, you’re in luck: our systems integrate seamlessly with many popular practice-management programs.

Digital marketing services

We have all the tools you need to maintain steady growth and stay ahead of changing algorithms. Our friendly experts in SEO, online content, email marketing, social media, and more can pull in new clients while our reputation management team oversees your customer satisfaction.

Ready to Attract More Clients to Your Law Firm or Medical Office?

When you partner with Foster Web Marketing, you can spend as much or as little time on your marketing as you like. Whether you choose full automation or use DSS to post your own content, we want the world to know about the quality legal or medical services you provide. We help law firms, attorneys and podiatrist throughout the United States as well as internationally. Contact us online today or call our office directly at 571.290.4721 for a free analysis of your existing site and see how easy it is to have the business you dream of.
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