If your business listing isn’t accurate, potential clients will be unable to find you in local searches. That means lost business opportunities. The DSS­™ Local Listing Builder tool is an add-on feature that will help you manage your business listing to create a more effective online presence. This tool provides syncing capabilities with 40 local listings and four major aggregators.

The cost is $50/month for your main office and $25/month for each additional office.

Build Your Local Listing Presence 

To get started, access the Local Listing Builder tool at http://local.fosterwebmarketing.com/edit/overview and enter your login credentials. You will be directed to the Overview page, which provides you with a snapshot of your overall business listing health. You can navigate to other pages in the tool using the tabs at the top of the page or the buttons labeled A, B, C, and D at the bottom of the page.

The Overview Tab

The "Overview page" provides you with a snapshot of how easy it is for Google to find your business. 

DSS Local Listing Builder Tool Overview Tab Screenshot

This page contains the following information:

  • Business Profile Completed displays the percentage of data you have submitted for your profile. The more information you provide, the more complete your profile becomes. To edit your business profile, click on the "Edit Business Profile" button (labeled A) or click on the "Business Profile" tab.
  • My Listing New Visits works in conjunction with the DSS Reputation Management tool and displays the number of site visits that occurred in the past 30 days. To edit your listing, click on the "Edit My Listing" button (labeled B) or click on the "My Listing" tab.
  • Data Provider Accuracy is the number of data providers (out of the four major players) that have your complete and accurate business profile information. To review your listing details, click on the "Monitor Listing Distribution" button (labeled C) or click on the "Listing Distribution" tab.
  • Sites Syncing gives you information on the number of local citations sites synced with your business listing information. To review your presence on business listing sites, click on the "Manage Listing Sync" button (labeled D) or click on the "Listing Sync" tab.

The My Listing Tab

The "My Listing" page is a convenient way to track how many site visits have occurred in the past 30 days. It works in conjunction with the DSS Reputation Management tool:

  • If you have the DSS Reputation Management tool enabled, and use the default review generation settings for "Send users to my preferred sites," then clients will only be sent to this listing page if they had a negative experience and want to leave feedback.
  • If you click the "Branding" tab while in the "My Listing" page, you can update your logo, favicon (the shortcut icon associated with your URL), and the business information that is displayed. 

DSS Local Listing Builder Tool My Listings Tab Screenshot

To edit your My Listing information, click on the "Edit" button at the bottom next to "Reviews."

The Listing Distribution Tab

The "Listing Distribution" page displays how your information is accurately listed on the four main data aggregators in the United States: Acxiom, Factual, Infogroup, and Localeze. Search engines and local listing directories rely on reliable information from data aggregators.

DSS Local Listing Builder Tool Listing Distribution Tab Screenshot

When you review your listing distribution, you'll be able to quickly spot complete and incomplete information:

  • If there's a checkmark , DSS Local Listing Builder Tool Checkmark Icon then the information is correct on that data aggregator
  • If there's an error, you'll see DSS Local Listing Builder Tool Contains Errors Icon
  • If the aggregator doesn't have key information, you'll see DSS Local Listing Builder Tool Not Found Icon
  • If you notice an DSS Local Listing Builder Tool Processing Iconicon, the information is processing . It can take up to six weeks for your site information to completely sync with an aggregator.

If you discover incomplete information, return to the "Business Profile" tab and add any additional information to your listing information.

The Listing Sync Tab

The "Listing Sync" page provides information the number of local citations synced with your business listing information. Local citations indicate how many times your company is mentioned in some form on other websites, whether by company name, phone number, location, and so on. The more local citations you have, the higher the search rankings for your site. 

DSS Local Listing Builder Tool Listing Sync Tab Screenshot

If you have another local listing sync tool such as Yext, you'll see the DSS Local Listing Builder Tool Claimed Icon icon, indicating the listing is claimed somewhere else.

The Business Profile Tab

The "Business Profile" page, shows the level of completion of the profile information. A more thorough profile will have a higher percentage; this makes it easier for local listings and aggregators to share accurate details about your business. It's beneficial to complete each field in the business profile so sites have more information to index, thus improving search rankings.

To learn more about the Local Listing Builder tool, watch the following training video:

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