Foster Web Marketing’s Philosophy So You Can Do Marketing YOUR Way

Our mission is to provide conversion-focused websites, effective web marketing services, and technical solutions to help our clients attract, retain and convert their perfect patients or clients. More often than not, your website and marketing initiatives will form the first impression your prospective clients, patients, or customers will have about you and your business. Establishing an impressive overall online presence (not just a website) that anticipates both the immediate and long-term needs of your prospective clients is the best formula for your success.

When Done Correctly, Internet Marketing Works

Successful web marketing for attorneys and doctors can easily be accomplished by:

  • Creating a website that serves not just as a sales tool, but also as an informational resource for someone who needs your services.

  • Ensuring your website remains demonstrably relevant, empathetic, and useful in all ways.

  • Staying in touch with past clients using follow-up campaigns and newsletters, and making sure you are keeping current clients up to date on everything they need to know.

  • Monitoring and building upon your online reputation—this is often the difference between a struggling practice and a thriving one, regardless of size.

  • Managing your local business listings to improve your local visibility online and ensure potential clients (and Google) know who you are, where you are, and how to contact and hire you.

  • Leveraging your community involvement and being active on social media.

Hundreds of Foster Web Marketing clients know that a successful marketing solution takes time, money, and commitment. All of these ingredients must be present for your firm to be successful.

We realize how difficult it can be to run a business. You’ve got people to manage, clients to think about, and an area of expertise to practice. Marketing is not easy, and the Internet is always changing—it can be incredibly challenging to stay on top of the best practices and implement them effectively.

Foster Web Marketing is not for everyone, and we don’t work with everyone who requests our marketing services. All prospective clients are prescreened; we work only with law firms and medical practices that are serious and committed to success.

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to get the success you went to school for, then contact us today at 800-866-0939 to find out how our record of success can become yours.