Posted on Aug 25, 2017

G2 Crowd Honors DSS in Multiple Categories

G2 Crowd, a business software review site, has listed DSS as one of the Best Marketing Automation Software programs, giving DSS a spot in the “High Performer” category.

According to G2 Crowd, “High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the market share and scale of the Leaders."

DSS in Grid of Best Marketing Automation Software by G2Crowd

G2 Crowd has also included DSS in their list of Top 10 Marketing Automation Software for Small Businesses. DSS was compared with 216 other products and landed in the top 10 based on reviews from small business owners.

This is an image of a graph comparing DSS to other marketing software programs

We are thrilled to see DSS listed alongside some huge names in marketing software. We work incredibly hard to make sure DSS can offer everything you need and more, and we’re honored to receive these distinctions.

DSS is not the only marketing automation software on the market, but it’s the best (at least we think so). It gives users the ability to manage their websites and all of their online marketing from one platform.

In fact, there are a number of things a product must do to qualify for inclusion in G2 Crowd’s Marketing Automation category; DSS meets all of the qualifications and more. Our marketing automation software allows users to:

  • Automate campaign emails and social media
  • Track and manage leads
  • Segment marketing campaigns and contacts
  • Update website content at any time
  • Create offers, forms, and follow-up sequences
  • Syndicate videos to YouTube

And it provides analytics for every website page.

We’re not stopping anytime soon! We are constantly working to make DSS better, faster, and easier. We will always follow internet best practices so that growth is sustainable and long-term.

Our users love DSS, too! 

Practically every aspect of your website can be managed in the DSS back-end. Unlike some open source content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla, etc., you don't have to install and maintain multiple plugins, and you don't have to update the version of the CMS every time a new one is launched. Everything is maintained for you. I'm a professional SEO consultant, and I can honestly say that I've been able to achieve better results for clients using DSS than I have for clients using other content management systems.” -George M.

One of the best features of DSS is the service—we continually provide improvements, marketing education, users’ groups, and we have an awesome team of live, friendly people to help you market your business successfully.

See for yourself; register for a one-on-one demo of DSS here.

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