How Social Media Marketing Really Works for Lawyers & Doctors

Personality matters. While your website is a great place to start establishing your authority and building trust with prospective clients, social media sites offer a taste of who you really are. People usually have plenty of qualified doctors or lawyers in their local area who can perform the services they need, but it’s the personal connection—or how much they like you and your brand—that makes your services the right fit over your competitors. If your current social media presence isn’t shining the light on what makes you stand out, our experts can guide you in building effective strategies that make connections happen.

Law Firm Social Media Marketing
Takes a Delicate Balance

There are so many social media platforms available now—Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and more—that all give you the rare chance to really see what your clients or customers are thinking, feeling, and dealing with. By getting involved, you insert yourself into your target clients’ daily lives and build valuable connections with your community, your local audience, and maybe even the world. But how do you get started, on what platforms, and why? These are the kinds of questions we answer for you.

Each social media profile is an extension of your website, expanding your reach and giving you the opportunity to funnel prospective and current clients back to the best of what you offer online. If you’re doing it right, a social media presence also personalizes your brand and makes you stand out in people’s minds as someone they know, not just another advertisement.

Learn more about the substantial benefits of social media marketing.

However, social media marketing can also be a delicate balance. Getting it just right doesn’t happen overnight, and you need a strategy in place to make sure that your social media success is a sustainable and long-term. You need to keep tabs on what’s happening, make sure your posts are engaging instead of annoying, be available and interactive, and track the benefit of the work you’re putting in. It’s not easy, but it is possible with the right tools and a foundation of expert support. We’ve partnered with a number of professionals who have found great success with social media by melding creativity and innovation with smart planning and focus.

Supplement Your Social Media Marketing Efforts With Expert Guidance

Social media is all about making a personal connection between your brand and your audience. It only makes sense that the some of the best social media successes originate in-house, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it blindly. The marketing experts at Foster Web Marketing partner with law firms, medical practices, and other businesses to supplement existing social media efforts, target perfect clients, and create a more engaging social experience. After an in-depth analysis of your current efforts, we can be involved as little or as much as needed to help you improve.

Along with expert coaching and guidance, we also provide the simple, powerful tools you need to stay on top of your social strategy. With our social media tool in DSS, you can easily manage tasks and schedule posts. You can also receive notifications if someone in your area is Tweeting or posting about something relevant to your business so that you can be ready to respond. Sound like something you need in your toolbox? Try our DSS social media tool now.

Social Media for Law Firms
Isn’t the End of the Story

With an effective social media strategy, you will be able both to interact with potential clients and drive traffic to your website. This will increase your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) value and page rank, which will ultimately get you the clients, customers, or cases you are looking for. However, none of your efforts matter if you don’t have a strategy in place and don’t know how you’re performing.

Take control of your social media marketing now to start broadening your visibility and reaping the benefits for your business. Do not ignore this important aspect of modern marketing. If you need advice on doing social media right, our passionate marketing professionals would love to talk with you today.

Testimonial by a Foster Web Marketing Client

Fosters Web Marketing, Just wanted you to know how Fantastic Allison, Karen and Your staff are! Indiana Podiatry Group publishes over 7994 post a year! we shoot them out to Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Yelp. We post over 100 videos a year (and Dr. Video BIO’s), 8 eblast and 4 newsletters a year. All of this runs through Fosters Web Marketing DSS. If you Know me I’m always moving, bouncing, and on a new venture for IPG. I just wanted you to know how much they help! Yes, I get frustrated! But they always figure the problem out for Mr. Impatient. When you’re In a Jam they will even do a one on one webinar to see exactly what I’m doing, we both learn then! It is the Constance, and continuing relationship of a great team that make IPG stand out In Indiana! And I can speak for my Marketing Staff “We all Feel the Same” Your two Experts that help are Fantastic, Your Entire Staff Is fantastic and I feel Blessed to have you on board with our IPG Team! Again, Thank You for All You Do! I have wanted to send this for wile but busy as usual. PS. Your Team All Need a “Big Raise” Have a Fantastic 2017.
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Date published: 01/18/2017
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From Top To Bottom, We Are Invested In Your Success.

Succeeding online means rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. Partnering with our experts helps you make it happen, even if it isn't necessarily fast, cheap, or easy. From designing your perfect website to tracking your social media traffic, we provide the tools you need to grow your practice and maintain that growth. We build our services around you, your personality, your brand, your needs, and your perfect client. Our whole-system approach keeps your practice growing, strong and healthy, while you also learn and grow. We know first-hand that success is a journey and a mission. We help you do it all.

Website Design

A website should look good, but it also needs to be more than just a pretty face. Your website works hard for you. It is the heart of your online marketing and the gateway that contacts pass through to become clients. Our website design experts work closely with you to build a website that will act as a showcase for your business, a reflection of your personality, and an easy way for people to find and contact you. Interested? Get started with a free design consultation.

Marketing Software

The marketing software you use plays a big part in taking your business to the next level. DSS (Dynamic Self-Syndication™) is our powerful, proprietary inbound marketing software that puts the power in your hands to directly update and manage your site, track leads, manage your reputation, launch email campaigns, manage customer relationships, and more. Request a free demonstration to see for yourself what the right marketing software can do for you.

Marketing Services

You are the expert when it comes to your business, and we are the partners, guides, and coaches you need to get the ball rolling and maintain momentum. Whether you have an in-house marketing director or just yourself, we can work with you on campaigns, both large and small. Our talented, passionate team can work with you to produce right-fit solutions to search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), video production, content writing, and more. Ready to collaborate? Contact us now.

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Foster Web Marketing'sPhilosophyrevolves around 3 main concepts


Attract the right types of visitors who have the potential to turn into a client or refer other clients in the future.


Once you have attracted the right kinds of visitors you need to have a conversion focused experienced that allows visitors to easily convert to a lead on your website.


Follow-up sequences, and ongoing communications will help turn a single potential client into a stronger referral network.

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