What You Want to Ask a Pay-Per-Click Marketing Agency


Tom Foster: The top five things to look for when you are talking to a pay-per-click (PPC) provider and they are recording you, or if you are working with somebody. What should our viewers think about asking?

Nick Caceres: 1. If they don’t give you access to your AdWords account, what are they hiding? 2. Are they charging a margin on top of what you are paying? If they are, you may doubt their intentions a little bit when they offer you suggestions. That’s not something we want to do here.

Tom Foster: A lot of other people do it that way, and that is kind of how the business and industry has been built. You and I don’t really agree with that methodology. We make it part of our overall services.

Nick Caceres: If you see that up front and they are honest with you about it, you may be okay with it. But if they are trying to hide it, what else are they trying to hide? Also, if the agency doing PPC for you is reactive only instead of proactive.

Tom Foster: What do you mean by that?

Nick Caceres: If you are constantly reaching out to them to do things instead of them once in a while doing things for you. Instead of them offering you or telling you, “Hey, we did this in your best interest.” They may say, “Okay, we will do this” and just wait for you.

Tom Foster: You shouldn’t be telling them what to do.

Nick Caceres: Exactly. You can, but you want them to be working for you also.

Tom Foster: That’s like a client of a lawyer telling the lawyer what to do.

Nick Caceres: You don’t want that going on. Another thing, like I said earlier, you want to have a talk with them and set up your goals. You don’t want them to tell you what to look for. It’s a team. You have to be partners.

Tom Foster: You have to trust them.

Nick Caceres: If the agency doesn’t do your field. For instance, if you are a lawyer and the agency only does hotels, it’s the wrong type of agency for you. You want somebody in your field.

Tom Foster: Right. We have another one here. What’s the game plan? What’s the strategy?

Nick Caceres: Get together; have meetings. Talk about what you want from this.

Tom Foster: I’ll even throw another one in there. A lot of people don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket, so they will have someone do their SEO and someone else do their SEM. That’s okay—if those two different consultants are working together and not against each other.

Nick Caceres: That’s not always the case, unfortunately.

Tom Foster: Right. One is trying to steal the other one’s business and stuff, so you've got to be careful with that.

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