World of Marketing 26: Back to Basics With Ian Waldron

These days, the field of digital marketing is full of distractions, but businesses that start with the basics—and are also willing to try new things—tend to be the most successful.

It’s important to use the right mix of critical thinking and empathy to learn exactly what your clients need and want. Ian Waldron, marketing director for Davis Law Group, has been studying the right balance of these elements for almost 8 years. Ian and Tom discussed how he sees his curiosity as a blessing and a curse when it comes to marketing.

Ian says marketing is a never-ending journey, and you can’t just stop at doing one thing. Do you communicate in simple terms and let clients know exactly what you can do for them? Find out how the team at Davis Law Group prioritizes their marketing efforts and why they’re willing to help everyone who calls their office.

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We’ve been crafting custom websites and strategic marketing plans since Al Gore invented the Internet, we got that part covered; we also know that the only way for our clients to succeed is if we work together as a TEAM to address the following goals:

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