Using PPC and SEO Together to Enhance Your Web Marketing

Tom Foster: Hey everybody, I’m Tom Foster. On today’s episode of Tom Talks, we are going to be talking to my smart buddy here—Professor Nick, the Guru of Pay-Per-Click.

Nick Caceres: Thank you, Tom.

Tom Foster: So I wanted to talk to you to spend some time with our listeners and our viewers about the topic of pay per click, and you’ve been doing it awhile.

Nick Caceres: I’ve specialized in PPC for the last number of years.

Tom Foster: So you were doing pay-per-click for car dealerships?

Nick Caceres: Right. My clients were, for the last four or five years, car dealers. I focused on car dealers, and they are a unique bunch. I did great things for them in the digital realm, and I’m here to lend my talents to the clients we have here.

Tom Foster: That’s why we went out and drafted you, buddy. You played on a tough team before with car dealerships. This is a competitive, difficult market here in the lawyer world and doctor world, so your expertise has been very helpful to us. So, you have been able to take your expertise (where you were really just focused on pay-per-click) and now you are kind of marrying it all together—becoming a digital strategist where you have married it together with SEO.

Nick Caceres: It is well-rounded now. I get to spend more time on each client.

Tom Foster: Why is that important?

Nick Caceres: It’s important because I like to touch all aspects of every client and what they are doing. So SEO combined with PPC really completes the circle, I think.

Tom Foster: So SEO, just real quick, is content and backlinks.

Nick Caceres: Exactly. It’s a great foundation to start out with, and it yields results over the long run. So it’s good to start out there, and then jump start things with some PPC—great compliment.

Tom Foster: That’s a great word for it—compliment. A lot of people just do pay-per-click and throw up some crappy website. You know who you are because you do it. Then they just buy a bunch of pay-per-click and send them all to the home page. Is that a good idea?

Nick Caceres: No. Not a good idea. In the long run, it’s going to hurt you and you’ll want to set up the SEO anyways. At that point, you are doubling down on what you did and what you paid.

Tom Foster: Right, because you have to fix that once they come.

Nick Caceres: If you start out with quality, you’re quality.

Tom Foster: So pay-per-click is buying traffic that’s coming to your website. For organic kind of traffic, it’s writing content and what not. But either way, no matter what kind of traffic you are trying to get…

Nick Caceres: You are going to land up somewhere.

Tom Foster: Right, and that’s a big part of it. Right?

Nick Caceres: Of course. The better the landing page, the better quality score on your ads and PPC. It just goes hand in hand like that. So really you need to marry them together to get the results you want.

Tom Foster: So tell me a little bit about what you see based on your experience in the car dealership world. How you would connect that to the clients you are working with now?

Nick Caceres: The competitiveness of the cost per click. The way the structure that they are set up is very similar, and the goals ultimately end up the same. Car dealers aren’t selling things online. You want them to call you, to fill out forms and to come see you. Very similar in both industries.

Tom Foster: You were working with lots of different kinds of car dealerships like Honda dealerships to Bentley dealerships, and you were saying that the call to action or the kind of ad you would put out would be different.

Nick Caceres: Right. So if you are doing a high-end luxury model, you are going to advertise it differently a lower end compact vehicle. So same type of thing. You have to do research on your practice areas for each client and market them differently. Also, different areas respond differently. So it takes some research. But if you know what you are doing and you have done your research and due diligence, you get the results you want.

It’s good if your agency comes out and wants to set up a game plan with you to gauge your metrics and your goals and then really align their strategy with it. If they are trying to give you a one size fits all plan, it’s not the same for everybody.

Tom Foster: That’s true. Right?

Nick Caceres: If they just say yes to everything without giving you advice or suggesting things that might be better for you, it’s not the agency you want.

Tom Foster: Okay. We’re almost done here. I’ve gone over time because you’ve been talking so much. That’s what professors do.

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