I bet you were excited when you started your first Google AdWords campaign. Unfortunately, this excitement can turn to anxiety when you figure out your ads aren't performing the way you wanted them to.

But before you pull the plug on your unhealthy ads, consider making some easy changes that can restore the health of your campaign.

One way to improve the performance of your ads is to group them by practice area. Instead of one big group of ads, arrange them according to the practice areas they are targeting.

The next aspect to consider is geo-targeting. By determining which cities and counties your ideal clients come from, you’ll be able use appropriate geographical keywords in your ads to attract those clients.

And the final important part of evaluating your ads?  Keywords.  You need to be very specific about your targeted practice area, your ideal clients’ needs, and your geographical location. Target keywords are crucial to the success of your ads.

By focusing on your ideal clients, their needs and geo-targeting, your Google AdWords campaign will hit the mark – bringing  you the quality clients you need to grow your practice.

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