DSS was designed to be your all-in-one content management system, and in-bound, automated marketing software, and now it is better than ever before! In this tour, we will take you through the various parts of the new DSS™ 8 user interface to help you be as productive, comfortable, and efficient as you can be in your marketing efforts. We didn’t just give DSS™ a facelift; we added new features and functionality while improving user experience. So buckle up, and get ready for DSS™ 8!

DSS™ combines content management, client relationship marketing, reputation management and social media tools. This is the dashboard you’ll see when you first log in to DSS™.

The new, quick access header has better organization, which makes it easier to access to all of the amazing tools at your disposal. DSS has come a long way in the last few years, and since we have added so many features, we felt it was necessary to break everything out into more manageable sections. Each header section has its own dashboard and quick links in case you have a specific action you want to jump right into. The sidebar navigation is fixed so you can always get your bearings if you get turned around. We basically gave the old navigation a facelift, but we highlight only what is relevant to the section that you are in.

Leads and Reports: This is Where You Connect and Analyze Where Your Business Is Actually Coming From

Learn about the most important components of your online marketing and reputation. This report page is meant to give you a brief glimpse at how your overall marketing is performing. By providing a visual snapshot of your “marketing score” you’ll know what’s working, and what needs improvement.

Contacts: This is Where You Manage Your List of Past, Current & Potential Clients

Whenever someone contacts your business through the website or a tracking number, a contact record is created in DSS™ so you can market to your audience. Update contact information, export, import, and learn more about your client’s lifecycle in this section. You can also apply new tags to clients, or review what campaigns or tags are currently assigned to each of your contacts.

Email Marketing: A Simpler CRM Focused on Consistent Follow-ups

This new section is where you will be able to update and add campaigns, its associated offer landing pages and tags, as well as email newsletters and one-off email blasts. Here you can also create and edit email templates using the Advanced Email Editor, so you hit your list with beautiful branded emails.

Content: You Will Spend Most of Your Time Here…and for Good Reason!

No website can flourish without excellent organic content. The new Content section is slightly reordered to provide a more relevant grouping of sub-sections. Quickly add, edit, or delete any type of content to your website in a flash. As always, we’ll provide analytics reporting for your content so you know if it’s driving traffic, converting visitors into leads, or if it has a high bounce rate.

Feedback and Reputation: This is Where You Learn About Your Clients’ Experiences and Get More Positive Reviews!

Online reputation is one of the most important parts of your marketing, and it plays a huge factor in whether your business succeeds. The Feedback tool is the best way to get consistent feedback from your clients and lead them down a path to leave a positive review…or capture negative feedback so they don’t end up leaving negative reviews.

DSS™ is still built with SEO in mind—our device responsive websites pass Google’s mobile-friendly and site-speed tests with flying colors! We stay ahead of algorithm updates so your site will always follow Google’s best practices.

Help & Support:  We’ve made it even easier to get the information you need

We provide ongoing training through our monthly webinars, Users’ Groups, and our learning center. Visit the “DSS Help Center” to find in-depth explanations of any tools or features in DSS that you can’t quite figure out yourself. There is also quick access to submit support tickets, email, or call our awesome customer support team.

So Go Ahead, Take DSS v8 for a Spin!

Want to know more? We’d love to show you all of the amazing features in DSS™! You can request a one-on-one demo with one of our marketing experts to take a deeper look at DSS™, ask questions, or get a tutorial. Fill out the form on this page to request your one-on-one tour of DSS™

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